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Get #PromReady with Camille La Vie for Prom 2024!

Master the madness of prom season by preparing ahead of time for the celebratory event! Being fully ready for the big night calls for a list of to-dos beforehand to make sure everything stays afloat. Whether that is choosing a glamorous prom dress (and making sure no one else has your fit), having your appointments booked, and having your tech thought through, we’re here to give you some guidelines for Prom.

Step 1: The Vision 🔮

Figuring out your outfit does not need to feel like a chore, because we all have enough of those! Get started by using Pinterest to make mood boards, collaborative Instagram collections, or even a Miro board to get your Prom vision out there. If you and your crew want to color coordinate, these are great ideas for how to show up on the big day in style, while being well prepped for it!

Step 2: The Appointments 📆

Next, make sure that all your appointments are booked! Whether that is carving out some time for you and your friends to do each other’s makeup to save a coin or going to your local beauty guru to make you look extra glammed up! Most importantly, make sure your prom dress is perfectly tailored to your liking. Book that tailoring appointment ASAP before all the slots are filled up! Next, get that hair appointment in for your updo with a halter prom dress or a new hair color to match your vibrant fit. Finally, get the group together and figure out a time and date for Prom photos. Whether it will be your whole class joining or your whole group of friends, you want to make sure that this is coordinated so everyone is involved!

Step 3: The Trends 📊

Utilize your socials to keep track of popular trends and sounds that you would like to use on the big date. From snapping transitions to dancing transitions - making a list of videos you would want to create will make them easier to find on Prom night.

Step 4: The Checklist

Lastly, prepare a digital checklist in your notes app, group Snapchat, or Prom Facebook group to ensure that the night of you have your phone charged, a portable charger, extra accessories packed, a makeup kit, and an emergency kit. If you are taking a limo or using ride-sharing apps for your friend’s fashionably late entrance and not-so-early exit - make that prom playlist so that you and your friends are bumping to the best tunes throughout the night.

Squad up, get organized, and make Prom a truly unforgettable event where the memories will last a lifetime!

What do I need for Prom night?

Good vibes and fun times! But on a more serious note, making sure that you have extra makeup up, accessories, and an emergency kit is crucial to making your night a true success. Also, you cannot forget your ID, wallet, and some emergency cash for the afters - whatever you and your friends plan for after the event. Make sure that you are all calm before the chaos begins!