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CLV PROM COMMITTEE Guess What?! It's finally that time of year when you can start thinking PROM, PROM, PROM!! As a girl in high school it's almost mandatory for prom to be on your mind from the first day you walk though the doors freshman year, so now it's finally time...your time! Whether you're a freshman being asked to go by a senior (ohhh la la), a sophomore tagging along with your older BFF, a junior headed to your first prom or a senior about to make the memories of a lifetime, this is a very exciting time for EVERY girl in high school! The Question: How can your get your prom fix, like now, months and months before it's even party time? The Answer: Join our CLV PROM COMMITTEE! Our Camille La Vie Blog will be where you and your friends can go every week to plan, prep, learn and shop for everything PROM. Stick with us and you'll be totally ready for that big night when it arrives! Here's your first tip to having the best night of your life, no matter which grade you are in, ready?! Tip: Not only should you join our CLV Prom Committee, you should also find out how to join your own school's committee! Attend the student council meetings, check out informational flyers hanging near the offices and ask your teachers to see how you can help this year's prom be the BEST prom ever! Stay tuned for your next prom fix next week! xo, Camille