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Sneak Peek: Emblem 3 for J14 Prom Q & A

Wesley and Keaton Stromberg from Emblem 3 Who doesn’t love a sneak peek? In our J14 spring prom ads featuring Emblem 3’s Wes and Keaton Stromberg, we got the guys to dish their prom preferences when it comes to music, fashion, dates, and more. Read on to see what they said, and scoop up the March and May issues of J14 to see the rest of their answers! Emblem 3 for Camille La Vie Prom 2017 Seems like the boys were divided on this one! Wesley said: “Fast dance cause I like to bump and grind.” Keaton said: “Slow jam so I can savor the moment and fall in love.” Cue the awws. Emblem 3 for Camille La Vie Prom 2017 Real talk: Using only emoji, how do Wes and Keaton rank a date who is the “life of the party, wants to be a backup dancer, can’t be peeled off the dance floor” type? Given they’re both talented musicians, it came as no surprise when both gave a “thumbs up” to a prom plus one who loves to boogie in the spotlight! Emblem 3 for Camille La Vie Prom 2017 Wesley said: “Suit cause I be on my suit ‘n tie game.” Keaton said: “Suit to keep it modern and classy.” It’s timeless fashion for the win. Camille La Vie Prom 2017 Real talk again. How do these cuties feel about the “social media maven who has documented the entire night on Instagram stories, Facebook live, and Snapchat” prom date? Wesley: halfway thumb Keaton: thumbs down! Take note, ladies; prom is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of night, so put down the phone, savor each moment, and keep the Instagram uploads for after hours. Emblem 3 for Camille La Vie Prom 2017 Turns out like they both love a romantic touch! Wesley said: “Do cause it should be special and you should treat your girl like the princess she is.” Can’t say we disagree, Wes. Keaton said: “Do because it should be a moment to remember” And once again, Keaton giving us all the feels. Now that we have some insight from our dates, it’s time to move on to another important task: the dress! Still searching for a prom look that speaks to your soul? Girl, we got you. Each week now through February 28, enter here to WIN a stunner from the Camille La Vie 2017 spring collection through our Dream Dress Giveaway with J14! And for even more prom inspo, check out the behind the scenes video from our NYC shoot with Wes and Keaton of Emblem 3 featuring their hit song “Too Pretty.” Can’t wait to see you at prom! Xo, Camille