Attention Bridesmaids: You'll Want to Read These Do's and Don'ts

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Attention Bridesmaids: You'll Want to Read These Do's and Don'ts

a lilac dress Weddings can be chaotic. Between timing, locations, money, emotions, people and many unsolicited opinions, the entire event is nothing short of a whirlwind. And that’s just the wedding day! Whether you’re a first time bridesmaid or a seasoned bridal party member, the entire process can feel overwhelming. Not to mention, navigating a group of girls you may hardly know is tough. So what’s the proper protocall as the bride’s lady-in-waiting? We’ve rounded up some major do’s and don’ts to follow for your role as a bridesmaid.

Don’t: Say Yes if You Can’t Commit

Assess whether you can commit to being a bridesmaid in the first place. If the time or cost is just too tight, don’t be afraid to gently decline; you can always offer to take on a smaller role in her wedding, such as a reading during the ceremony or a toast during the reception. Out of respect, have this conversation in person if possible - never over text. A Navy Blue Dress

Do: Know Your Role

Generally, you should follow the vibe of the bride. Keep track of specific dates, times, and activities where you’ll be involved in a calendar and don’t forget them! Know what you need to do for each, such as which costs to contribute for the bridal shower or the exact itinerary for the bachelorette party. And always offer help to whoever’s in charge (and if it’s you, don’t hesitate to ask!) A second set of hands is always appreciated.

Don’t: Complain About Costs

No one likes a Debbie downer, so unless the bride gets totally out of line (i.e. makes you pay an outrageous sum for hair and makeup or negatively comments on your appearance) avoid confrontations about money-or anything for that matter. If you must let off some pre-wedding steam, talk to someone outside of the bridal party, like your mom or a friend. Causing friction with the bride or bridesmaids is a total no-no. A Cranberry Dress

Don’t: Gossip

Repeat after us: Do. Not. Gossip. Keep in mind during the entire wedding process, and remember as needed.

Do: Give Honest Input

Within reason, of course. Kindly suggesting a more local bachelorette versus jetting off to Ibiza? Up for grabs. Telling the bride she’s gained some weight and should rethink her dress? Not appropriate.

Don’t: Make It About You

Remember: it’s the bride’s day, not yours. Whether you’re single, engaged, married, or divorced, as a bridesmaid, you’re there to complement the special day-not control it. Remember that you’re there to celebrate her and her fiancée, so stay mum on any input that wasn’t warranted (“Are you sure you want your flowers to be that color?”) On the flip side, if you’re bombarded with wedding emails on the daily, it’s A-OK to shut off your phone and take a breather; wedding plans are one thing, your own life is another. Don’t neglect it!

a short cocktail dress and accessories

Do: Be There for the Bride

From bridesmaid fittings to witnessing her I do’s, you should be there for her every step of the way. If she calls, pick up. If she’s stressed out, listen. If she wants to meet for coffee to break from wedding planning, make an effort to show up. Being there for her is the most basic thing you can do.

Do: Have the Time of Your Life

Bridesmaids come with many duties, and having a blast is one of them! The bride chose you to be a part of her special day for a reason, so mingle with guests and tear up the dance floor to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs.! Love the bridesmaid dresses featured here? Shop them in-store and on ! Xo, Camille
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Style Guide: Fall Bridesmaid Dress Colors

emerald bridesmaid dresses

Fall wedding in the books? Brides, we know planning a wedding is no joke, and nailing down the perfect color palette for your fall nuptials is an art in itself. That’s why we narrowed down 4 chic shades for autumn that need to be on your bridesmaid dress radar. Keep reading for the mix and match bridesmaid dresses that are fit to flatter your bridal party (AND your color scheme!)


Ahh yes, the quintessential color of fall: wine. Whether you’re getting married in scenic rolling vineyards or a beautiful banquet room, this deep shade of red is the queen color of autumn. Your best girls will effortlessly complement any backdrop in this rich hue. Add to the lush vibe by mixing and matching styles; with satin, crepe, and chiffon fabrics and a range of flattering necklines, your ladies are sure to shine by your side. It’s official: wine bridesmaid dresses = picture-perfect fall wedding.


Your “something blue?” These chic navy bridesmaid dresses! Perfect if you want a darker shade without the drama of black, this deep blue hue is beautiful for a fall or winter wedding. Play around with off the shoulder, one shoulder, strapless, or spaghetti strap necklines, or dress your ladies the same. Choose a light bouquet for a pretty color contrast.


Looking for a pop of color? These cranberry bridesmaid dresses fall beautifully in between rich and vibrant. Whether your photos take place on city streets or a gorgeous meadow, your bridal party will be beaming by your side. Bonus: this shade suits all skin and hair tones for a finish that can’t be beat. Complement with minimal gold jewelry for a final feminine touch.


The most recent color addition to the bridesmaid dress collection: emerald! This striking jewel tone is the definition of luxe; whether you decide on chic crepe, classic chiffon, rich satin, or a blend of all three styles, this hue is a standout for sure. And no need to stress over jewelry; both gold and silver complement this lovely shade of green. If you’re seeking a unique bridesmaid dress color, look no further than emerald!

Autumn is right around the corner; shop bridesmaid dresses to Fall for here!



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The NEW Bridesmaid Dress Collection by Camille La Vie

Rose Bridesmaid Dresses by Camille La VieChicken or fish? Flowers or candles? To invite that second cousin you haven’t seen in 5 years….or not? Let’s face it: wedding planning can be a full time job. Oh, and let’s not forget finding the dress of a lifetime to wear in front of your nearest and dearest. Plus, along with an endless supply of to-do’s, choosing a bridesmaid dress that flatters a range of body types can be a tall task (We’ll excuse you as you contemplate eloping). Wine Bridesmaid Dresses by Camille La VieIf we’re being honest, it’s next to impossible to select a bridesmaid dress that pleases your entire squad, from your tall, lanky sister to your curvy college roommate. But don’t forget; while it’s your day in the spotlight, you’re sharing the stage with your best girls too. Let them shine by your side in gorgeous dresses that are fit to flatter any body type. Lilac Bridesmaid Dresses by Camille La VieFor a large, diverse bridal party, mix and match bridesmaid dresses are a simple solution for a stylish (and happy!) bridal party. Whether it’s all in the same color or blending prints with a pretty petal pink, your girls will breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing they have leeway with their dress options. For added texture, mix in satin and crepe dresses, both NEW to Camille La Vie’s collection. Petal Pink Bridesmaid Dresses by Camille La VieAnd with a variety of necklines like strapless, halter, off the shoulder, and more, you can be confident that your girls will find a style that suits their figure. A range of romantic shades complement any wedding setting; lush wine or cranberry feels right at home with a vineyard backdrop, while petal pink or lilac lend romance to a garden-themed fête. Find even more colors and styles by shopping the entire bridesmaid dress collection here! Cranberry Bridesmaid Dresses by Camille La VieFirst comes love, then comes I do; make the to-do's as seamless as possible with mix and match bridesmaid dresses at fabulous value. Shop the NEW satin and crepe styles, along with the classic chiffon, to start planning your picture-perfect bridal party! Xo, Camille
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Style Guide: Fall Wedding

What to Wear to a Fall WeddingAttention: We interrupt your pumpkin spice latte sipping to remind you that it’s Fall wedding season and you most likely have some I do’s on your calendar (maybe even your own!) And since the dawn of a new season can bring on alllll kinds of crazy, we figured we’d give you a ‘lil style boost. Whether you’re a bride seeking a last-minute look or a guest in need of some fashion help, we pulled 4 dresses perfect for a Fall happily-ever-after. Depending on which wedding attendee you are, scroll below for our black tie picks.

The Bride

Lace and Tulle Wedding Dress with Illusion SleevesShop: 8522W What defines vintage elegance? This. Dress. Whether you’re celebrating in a ballroom or a vineyard, this long sleeve wedding dress dials up the romance for a picture-perfect finish.

The Bridesmaid

Allover Lace Bridesmaid Dress with Illusion WaistShop: A17840G Brides, capture the essence of Fall for your bridal party with wine bridesmaid dresses! The deep red hue flawlessly complements any outdoor backdrop (especially against pretty foliage!) while hints of illusion balance the modest neckline.

The Mother of the Bride

Long Sleeve Sequin Over Velvet DressShop: A21457 She sure is a VIP, and she’ll certainly look like one in this dazzling mother of the bride dress! Brides, mom will literally shine by your side in this red carpet-worthy evening gown.

The Guest

Spaghetti Strap Taffeta High Low DressShop: X932L967 Calling all guests seeking an edgy, yet classic style: this high-low wedding guest dress is for you. With its siren shade and glossy finish, transition into the cooler months with a look that meets in the middle of cocktail and gown. Find more dresses for all types of I do's on Xo, Camille
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The Best Fall Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Bridesmaid BouquetBrides, narrowing down a color palette for your wedding can seem overwhelming. As fall continually competes with summer as a top wedding season, color palette ideas may also shift depending on the date of your nuptials. Color also plays a major role for bridesmaid dresses. Step aside, summer brights; autumn is a time for warm shades that complement the crisp air and scenic foliage. Set the tone for a picture-perfect wedding day with rich hues in a classic empire silhouette for your girls. Check out our favorite bridesmaid dresses for fall, all from the Camille La Vie collection, that will have your ‘maids standing chicly by your side from morning ‘til night.


Cranberry Bridesmaid DressesThe warm undertones of cranberry bridesmaid dresses flawlessly accent a fall wedding! Line up your ladies in the same style, or allow them to mix and match between once shoulder, halter, strapless and more chic options based on their preference. ‘Berry beautiful for an alfresco wedding.


Navy Bridesmaid DressesA far cry from the aquas and royals of the blue family, navy has established itself as a top fall wedding color. The deep blue hue offers a richness to autumn nuptials that won’t distract from an idyllic backdrop, whether it’s a city scape or rustic countryside. And bonus; any bouquet is sure to pop off a dark dress. Suit your girls in sophisticated navy for one flawless bridal party.


Wine Bridesmaid DressesNeed we say more? From gardens to vineyards to mountains, wine bridesmaid dresses seamlessly pair with a rustic chic celebration. Offset the wine hue with gorgeous gold accents like chandelier earrings or a gold clutch to complete the look.

Petal Pink

Petal Pink Bridesmaid DressesThis best-selling shade isn’t solely reserved for spring; light pink is the newest neutral on the block. Gorgeous on any skin tone, petal pink bridesmaid dresses mix elegance and simplicity for a beautiful complement to any wedding, no matter the season. Golden heels and accessories add hints of warmth to this pretty look. Next up, read these bridesmaid do's and don'ts. Xo, Camille
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Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses by Venue

Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses by VenueYou’ve been scoping out venues, contemplating vendors, and your adrenaline has only skyrocketed since the engagement; congrats! You’re a #feyonce. Now the first order of business: where to get married? From scenic vineyards to blooming gardens to slick black tie affairs in the heart of the city, wedding locales are more unique than ever. And almost (if not equally) as important as nailing down the perfect venue is nailing down flawless style to complement it. Well, we took the guesswork out of that. Scroll below for 5 types of weddings and the bridal style inspiration for each, straight from the Camille La Vie collection. Beach WeddingShop bride: 9621W Bridesmaids: There’s nothing like saying “I do” with your toes in the sand and ocean waves lapping in the distance. As far as wardrobe, dressing for the elements is key, so stray away from heavy fabrics and overwhelming silhouettes (i.e. ballgowns). Feel the sun on your shoulders in a strapless mermaid wedding dress with lace and tulle accents as your best girls stand aside in chic sage bridesmaid dresses, perfect for a natural setting like the beach. City WeddingShop bride: 1008W Bridesmaids: For the bride who lives for the hustle and bustle, is there any atmosphere more fitting than a city? Whether in a hotel ballroom or rooftop overlooking the skyline, complement the cosmopolitan vibes with a wedding gown that’s a mesh of modern and classic! An illusion beaded bodice dresses up a simple sheath silhouette, making for easy maneuvering as you mingle with guests. Dress your girls in flattering black bridesmaid dresses for a streamlined finish that radiates sophistication. Vineyard WeddingShop bride: 9786W Bridesmaids: Vintage, serene, and endlessly scenic; is there anything more romantic than a vineyard wedding? Accent the rustic atmosphere with classic style that suits the elements. This tulle and beaded lace mermaid wedding dress is a flawless blend of rustic and chic; the lace appliques ring traditional while pretty beading elegantly sparkles in the sunlight. Give a nod to the grapery with (what else?) wine bridesmaid dresses. Simply lovely. Garden WeddingShop bride: 2046W Bridesmaids: Whether it’s a grand estate soiree or more of an intimate tea party, a garden wedding certainly has a fairytale feel. Let your style paint the picture of happily ever after by choosing an off the shoulder wedding dress bearing delicate applique detailing and a sweeping train. Play mix and match with your ‘maids by selecting a blend of floral and petal pink bridesmaid dresses. Mountain Wedding Shop bride: 8522W Bridesmaids: Trading “I do’s” with purple mountain majesties looming in the distance? Cue the sighs. Rugged terrain may call for unpredictable weather; hence “dressing for the elements” holds strong meaning here. A long sleeve wedding dress is effortlessly romantic and keeps chilly breezes at bay. As for your ladies? Enhance the outdoor environment without going too over the top with navy bridesmaid dresses. Find more timeless bridal party style for every venue on Xo, Camille Shop main banner: 2044W