The Fashion Scoop: French Style Tips

3 Unique Homecoming Hair and Makeup Looks

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The Fashion Scoop: French Style Tips

Allover Sequin Open Back DressChic, haute; chances are you’ve heard these French fashion words at some point. From red lips to striped tees, the French are all about embracing less-is-more as their everyday look. But what else makes up their approach to style? Read on for our tips on how to dress oh-so French, from fashion to lifestyle.

Less Black, More Color

An all-black ensemble may be très chic, but color adds life to your look. Next time you’re deciding on a dress for prom or a black tie wedding, go for the one with sparkles or metallic for an unforgettable finish. Love the one above? Shop it here!

Remember fragrance

Paris is known as the city of love, and it’s no surprise since a hint of fragrance is oh-so romantic! When getting ready, perfume is just as important to French gals as the outfit itself. No need to invest in a $100 bottle of Chanel; your signature scent can be anything that gives you that boost of confidence (not to mention smells oh-so yummy!)

Embrace Your Imperfections

The French are all about a natural appearance, from minimal makeup to simple outfits. As in: they don’t like to cover anything up, flaws included. So whether it’s your freckles or crazy laugh, learn to love the things that make you unique! Besides - who said those are imperfections anyways?

Have a Go-To

The secret to ultra-confidence? Knowing exactly what makes you look and feel AH-maze, whether it’s the way the color green brings out your eyes or how a mermaid silhouette makes you curves pop. Once you figure out your go-to look, rock it fearlessly, over and over again.

Don’t Rush

The French are all about enjoying their leisure time. And let’s face it: we tend to be a little too plugged in to our phones, ipads, or fill-in-the-blank, leaving us distracted and in a frenzy. Next time you’re getting dressed for school or heading to your bestie’s house, just breathe and focus on the present moment. Sometimes, it’s A-OK to be fashionably late. After all, better to arrive late than undone! Xo, Camille
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3 Unique Homecoming Hair and Makeup Looks

Homecoming Hair and MakeupAfter a summer spent bare-faced and bronzing in the sun, you might be eager for a night of some glitz and glam. We’re obvs not referring to prom just yet, but something that’s right around the corner: homecoming! Begin the school year on a chic note in a style that looks and feels totally you! Whether you’ve already scooped up a dress based on your budget or fave music genre, we’re always here to offer more inspiration. Still haven’t found a dress? No worries; we rounded up 3 new faves with the hair and makeup to match. Chic ChickOh my posh! While the statement sleeves are super trendy right now, add even more drama to this simple black silhouette with an out-to-there cat-eye. Next, swipe on soft pink gloss with a bit of blush to balance dark eye makeup. For the grand finale, pile hair on top of your head in a perfectly messy bun-then head out the door to show off your look, stat. Get the dress: 40256 Floral QueenGo into the wildflowers for this funky look! Complement a flirty floral party dress with cascading curls and unique teal shadow. Matching teal tips pack an extra punch, while a poppy pink gloss balances out this fresh-picked look. Selfie time! Get the dress: 58020G Navy LadyAn elegant night awaits this tiered party dress! Keep hair off your face with a sweeping updo that accentuates blush eyes and lips. A majestic finishing touch? Sparkling chandelier earrings! It’s official: the queen has arrived. Get the dress: 11233 3 looks, 3 ways…which one do you love for homecoming? Xo, Camille