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Channel Your Inner Princess with a Ballgown Prom Dress

Ballgown Prom Dresses by Camille La Vie Unless you’re a lover of the limelight, a ballgown prom dress can be intimidating. Its grand, full skirt feels ideal for a fancy night out, but girls with a more minimalist fashion sense may be reluctant to try this lavish silhouette. But as they say in fashion and in life, you’ll never know unless you try! If you’re still in the running for finding that perfect prom dress and have debated on wearing a ballgown before, slip one on during your next round of prom shopping. Who knows; it could be love at first fit! Blue Ballgown Prom Dresses With its full skirt and figure-hugging bodice, a ball gown style works for all body types, especially if you’re tall, as the grand shape balances out a long frame. But petites, have no fear! Ballgowns are flattering for you too; just look for an A-line style with a skirt that’s not as full. The Camille La Vie collection offers a range of beautiful ballgown prom dresses that give off that “I just stepped out of a fairytale” vibe. Pink Ballgown Prom Dresses Ready for a happily ever after evening (and plenty of twirl-worthy Boomerangs?) Explore stunning styles in both shiny satin and ballerina-esque tulle, with a variety of gorgeous necklines like strapless, spaghetti strap, illusion, and more flattering cuts. And we know you’ll fall in love with the pretty embellishments; find luxe beading, chic applique, and rich embroidery, among other standout details. Whether you’re a limelight-loving princess or prefer to look chic on the sidelines, browse a variety of ballgown prom dresses that are made for an unforgettable evening. Shop these styles and more on! Xo, Camille
Prom Dress Style Guide ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE long prom dresses prom dress ideas

Editor's Prom Dress Picks for 5 Fashion Types

Editor's Prom Dress Picks for 5 Fashion Types It’s the most wonderful time of year; PROM SEASON! Unless you’ve already gone, you’re probably up to your eyelashes in prom talk; beauty appointments, car arrangements, and after parties, to say the least. The chatter we’re most interested in? Your PROM DRESS, of course! If you’ve already scooped up a Camille La Vie prom dress, be sure to use #CLVGIRL on all your prom posts, so we can see how gorgeous you look! Still no style? Depending on your fashion taste, we’ve lined up a few of our favorites below…in 5 chic categories! From romantic to edgy and a few in between, think of each prom dress as our top nominee for each style category. Ready for a peek? Let’s begin…

EdgySatin Sequin Embroidered A Line Dress

Met Gala…or prom night? We vote both! This sequin embroidered sheer prom dress is unlike anything we’ve seen…in the chicest way possible! Make the dance floor your own personal catwalk as your strut through the crowd in this glistening gown-meets-mini. Your Tik Tok feed won’t know what hit it.


Glitter Scroll Mesh Mermaid Dress Hello, foxy lady! One glance at this glitter mermaid prom dress and we just knew it was made for the diva at heart. The emerald hue is super striking, while glitter detailing (literally!) highlights your figure. We’re ready for our close-up when you are.


Stone Netting Lace Up Dress with Side Slit Who said minimal had to mean boring? This sleek prom dress is far from it! A simple silhouette and ivory shade keep the look low-key, while the allover stone netting and trendy lace-up back add flirty touches without going over-the-top. Meet you at the after-party? We'll be there.


Embellished Cage Back Tulle Ballgown Coachella may have been postponed for awhile, but we’ll never postpone our love for a coveted bohemian look. If your style rings true to boho, channel your inner flower child in this breezy tulle prom dress bearing a gorgeous floral beaded bodice and unique open back. Bonus: The loose, yet flattering fit leaves no restrictions on your dance floor moves. #OhYes.


Satin Lace Shimmer Lace up Ballgown Happily ever after…starts with this prom dress! The lace shimmer bodice is too pretty, as the princess-worthy ballgown silhouette flatters all body types and sets the scene for an epic entrance. Not to mention lace-up backs are so hot this season! Forget Prince Charming; this beautiful prom dress is the only plus one necessary. All done? Add a final accent to your stunning prom dress with a glowing clutch and statement heels. Still haven't found the one? Shop new prom dresses, dropping into our collection daily! Prom night, we’re comin’ for ya. Xo, Camille
Prom Dress Style Guide ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE long prom dresses prom dress ideas

Find Your Perfect Prom Dress Style with Camille La Vie

Prom Dress Styles Camille La VieWith each prom season comes fresh fashion trends, from specific necklines to colors to fabrics. Off the shoulder necklines may dominate the scene one year, while anything lavender is hot for the next. Not one to shop the trends? No worries; a timeless column or ballgown silhouette with simple detailing is a look that stands the test of time. Eager to discover your dream dress? The Camille La Vie prom dress collection includes a blend of both trends and classics at fabulous value. We broke down some of the most popular prom dress styles so you can shop for your desired look without breaking stride. Scroll below and prepare to score an A+ in prom fashion.

Illusion Prom Dresses

Illusion Prom DressAn illusion prom dress bears a sheer, mesh-like fabric somewhere within the style, usually in the bodice. This look is super popular in the Camille collection and is stylish, sophisticated, and great for showing peeks of skin without looking too revealing.

Corset Prom Dresses

Corset Prom DressIf the term “corset” has you thinking of fashion from hundreds of years ago, you’re correct! However, this old-school style has found its place in modern eveningwear, and a corset prom dress makes for a totally unique look at formal. But what exactly is it? This type of bodice is structured and a bit stiff, often with a lace-up back, like the dress above. Because it’s formfitting and highlights your upper body, a corset is usually paired with a full skirt.

Halter Prom Dresses

Halter Prom DressChances are you know this one! A halter prom dress wraps around the neck and flatters the back and shoulders for a flirty finish. Shop this style if you are looking to show a bit more skin, as a halter bodice typically has an open or cutout back.

Lace Prom Dresses

Lace Prom DressFeminine and oh-so sweet, you cannot go wrong with a lace prom dress! Whether it’s pops of lace or full body detailing like the style above, this classic fabric is a mainstay in formal fashion. This prom season, slip into a lace dress for a look everyone will covet.

Sequin Prom Dresses

Sequin Prom DressIs that a sparkle in your step…or is it just your dress? (We think it’s both!) Made for the gal who lives for the limelight, a sequin prom dress is meant to dazzle. Hoping to ease into the look with a little less…. shine? Shop Camille La Vie to find subtle sequin detailing or a fully sequined bodice paired with a solid skirt. Now where’s the party?

Off the Shoulder Prom Dresses

Off the Shoulder Prom DressThere’s just something about an off the shoulder prom dress that hints at Old Hollywood glamour. Highlight your arms and neckline with any off the shoulder prom dresses from the Camille La Vie collection. We just know the paparazzi will be waiting.

Strapless Prom Dresses

Strapless Prom DressA strapless prom dress is a timeless choice for your formal celebration! Leaving the entire neckline on display, a strapless style pairs perfectly with a statement necklace or chandelier earrings that just graze the shoulders. Browse endless strapless prom dresses of varied colors and styles with Camille La Vie!

A-Line Prom Dresses

A-Line Prom DressIt’s in the name, no? An A-line prom dress is all about the silhouette, i.e., a skirt that mimics the shape of the letter “A.” Narrower on top and slightly flared down below, an A-line style is a classic form of eveningwear that flatters all body types. Discover countless A-line prom dresses with Camille La Vie and prepare for a picture-perfect prom night! Now that you’re armed with some popular prom dress terms, shop all prom dresses on, or click here to find a store near you! Xo, Camille
Prom Dress Style Guide ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE long prom dresses prom dress colors prom dress ideas

Color Me Pretty: Prom Dresses in Your Fave Shades

Prom Dress ColorsHey #CLVGIRLS; we’ve got both good and bad news. Prom is right around the corner (WOO HOO!), which is obvi the good news. The bad? If you haven’t picked a dress yet, you need to get going on that, girl! We know it’s easy to get distracted by Starbucks’ latest Frappuccino craze (unicorn!) or keeping up with the latest Kardashian baby (Khloe’s!), but it’s time to get down to business, prom style. Whether your prom is next weekend or next month, we’ve got a few dress options lined up….by color! Why not show your true colors this year at prom? Choose your shade according to your skin tone, prom theme, or simply your favorite! Cool colors like blues, greens, and purples tend to flatter gals with fair skin tones, blue eyes, and blonde, black, or red hair. Warm shades including red, yellow or gold flatter ladies with honey-blonde or brown hair and green, hazel, or brown eyes. No really into the whole “warm tones, cool tones” rulebook? No worries, you do you! Once you narrow down your dream prom dress, feel free to complement it with any of our dazzling clutches or accessories for a flawless finishing touch. Then just slip into a pair of heels before you strut out the door; find both strappy and peep toe pumps in chic shades like gold, silver, and black within our versatile collection. Now let’s get shopping, shall we? Light Neutral Prom DressesShop each: 3530 117551 12443 Blush Prom DressesShop each: 20053 21609 12001ZG Pink Prom DressesShop each: 20839 20693 59075Z Red Prom DressesShop each: 21489 695X A18224G Mint Prom DressesShop each: 20129 20949 21559 Aqua Prom DressesShop each: 21373 20663 3092 Royal Blue Prom DressesShop each: 21659 20613 A1822421 Purple Prom DressesShop each: 2101M 22133 GU61223 Navy Prom DressesShop each: 22033 20633 20703 Dark Neutral Prom DressesShop each: 21879 22029 418X Don’t want to limit your options? We feel you…find even more prom dresses from the Camille La Vie collection here! Xo, Camille
Prom Dress Style Guide ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE long prom dresses prom dress ideas prom night

Match Your Besties with Our Squad Prom Dresses

Matching Prom DressesIf you were to ask us, the top two goals of prom are 1: To have an AH-MAZING time while 2. Looking fabulous. You already know we’re here to help you nail that red carpet look, but when it comes to pictures with friends, dates, etc. a little fashion coordination can go a long way. Showing up to prom with your besties? We’ve got a few ensemble ideas up our chic sleeves… Check out our fave prom dress combos whether you arrive with one, two, or four of your gal pals. Prepare to appear perfectly in formation as you pose with the Taylor to your Selena (or the Gigi to your Kendall). Ballgown and Plunging Prom DressShop a similar style: 20713 21073 Pairing up for prom with just one bestie? Pose together with perfection in prom dresses with hints of teal and gold. Opposite silhouettes also complement each other; a fitted number with a plunging neckline next to a ballgown offers just the right balance as you stroll in side by side. Ballgown and Print Prom DressesShop each: 20129 59343Z 20773 Spring has sprung among this trio! If you’re rolling into prom with two of your besties (and are still in need of prom dresses), these three styles will put some Spring in your strut. With their fitted bodices and sweeping skirts, the varied silhouettes flatter all body types. Plus, the soft sage and ivory seamlessly blend with the shades in the print prom dress for a group look that’s perfectly on point. Now where’s the dance floor? Black and Gold Prom DressesShop each: 20839 22029 A20647 21869 21709 Hello fierce five! Blend with your besties in luxe black and golden prom dresses that make for an oh-so extravagant lineup. Wow the paparazzi in styles with lavish detailing, including pretty beading, dazzling sequins, and princess-inspired tulle, all with that coveted red carpet finish. Now excuse us as we swoon over how flawless these Insta pics will be. Want to explore more styles to match your besties? Shop the entire prom dress collection on, or click here to find a store near you! Xo, Camille
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Step Up Your Style With a High Low Prom Dress

Strapless Print High Low Prom Dress by Camille La VieQuestion: What makes a prom dress “the one”? If we had to answer, the criteria would like be that it’s 1. Comfortable 2. Flattering and 3. GORGEOUS! Sometimes it can be a challenge finding a dress that checks off all three, but if you’re struggling a bit, you’ve come to the right place! A high low prom dress is a great choice for the girl seeking a figure-flattering option with a unique twist. A long evening gown is the conventional prom night style, drawing everyone in for its glamorous, red carpet appeal. But a high low dress is gorgeous and unexpected; it highlights your waist, is easy to walk in (no tripping over a long hem!) and not to mention, if perfect for showing off your dancing shoes! Pink High Low Prom DressesShop each: 20273 59075Z 12510 How to narrow down which look is for you? Play around with your fave colors, style, or even fabric! A two piece high low prom dress shows off your midsection, while a strapless or halter style highlights a gorgeous neckline and shoulders (great for pairing with a statement necklace!) Pretty prints add a feminine, flirty vibe; look for both classic and modern florals in our chic collection. Want to feel like a queen? Browse high low prom dresses in a shiny satin or Mikado fabric, or sheer tulle adorned with glitter for a ballerina-style finish. Blue High Low Prom DressesShop each: 59078Z IG159105 12473Z Whether you’re looking for a prom dress that’s elegant, artsy, or something in between, any of our styles could be “the one” for you! So pack your prom clutch and prepare for flawless photos with your besties; the countdown to prom is officially on. Shop the entire collection of high low prom dresses here! Xo, Camille Shop main banner: A19847