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Our Top Tips on Posing for Prom Pictures


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In a world filled with selfies, stories, and other social media shenanigans, the pressure to look good in front of the camera has never been fiercer. And with prom night rapidly approaching, you and your gals are sure to be all over Tik Tok and the ‘gram (unless you’re taking a much-needed break from social media, which in that case…good for you, girl!) But as far as posing, a simple smile can be a tad…boring. And peace signs and duck lips? Let’s not even go there. Slay in front of the camera with our tips for owning every picture, video, Boomerang- anything, really.

Try the Tongue Trick

Okay, okay, we know we mentioned that a simple smile can be a little too basic, but hear us out! For those classic moments when you just have to (hello posing in front of the mantel!), gently press your tongue to the roof of your mouth as you grin. This trick helps lengthen your neck and jawline and (ta da!) eliminates a double chin. Sign. Us. Up.

Check Your Posture

Repeat after us: Do. Not. Slouch. Rather than over-arching your back, pretend an invisible string is pulling you up from the crown of your head. Think of lengthening versus bending your spine back (because…ouch).

Turn to the Side

Fact: no one looks flattering facing the camera head-on. Whether you’re in a group photo or posing solo, angle your body about 45 degrees to the side (i.e. midway between facing the camera and totally sideways) Don’t forget to tilt your face slightly as well, and if one arm is free, place it on your hip for a super slender effect.

Don’t Forget Your Legs

Looking fab in photos is truly a head-to-toe effort! Make your legs look long, lean, and model-esque by crossing one foot behind the other. Bonus: this tip also works if you’re sitting down!

Do Your Own Thing

This one only applies to group shots. Whether you’re posing with one or three of your besties, have everyone casually do their own thing for a natural, non-stiff look. Pop one leg, blow a kiss, or giggle while looking at the gal next to you for an adorable, we’re-totally-being-spontaneous shot. The best tip for a flawless photo? A standout prom dress! Find endless styles on CLV.com. Xo, Camille
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Match Your Besties with Our Squad Prom Dresses

Matching Prom DressesIf you were to ask us, the top two goals of prom are 1: To have an AH-MAZING time while 2. Looking fabulous. You already know we’re here to help you nail that red carpet look, but when it comes to pictures with friends, dates, etc. a little fashion coordination can go a long way. Showing up to prom with your besties? We’ve got a few ensemble ideas up our chic sleeves… Check out our fave prom dress combos whether you arrive with one, two, or four of your gal pals. Prepare to appear perfectly in formation as you pose with the Taylor to your Selena (or the Gigi to your Kendall). Ballgown and Plunging Prom DressShop a similar style: 20713 21073 Pairing up for prom with just one bestie? Pose together with perfection in prom dresses with hints of teal and gold. Opposite silhouettes also complement each other; a fitted number with a plunging neckline next to a ballgown offers just the right balance as you stroll in side by side. Ballgown and Print Prom DressesShop each: 20129 59343Z 20773 Spring has sprung among this trio! If you’re rolling into prom with two of your besties (and are still in need of prom dresses), these three styles will put some Spring in your strut. With their fitted bodices and sweeping skirts, the varied silhouettes flatter all body types. Plus, the soft sage and ivory seamlessly blend with the shades in the print prom dress for a group look that’s perfectly on point. Now where’s the dance floor? Black and Gold Prom DressesShop each: 20839 22029 A20647 21869 21709 Hello fierce five! Blend with your besties in luxe black and golden prom dresses that make for an oh-so extravagant lineup. Wow the paparazzi in styles with lavish detailing, including pretty beading, dazzling sequins, and princess-inspired tulle, all with that coveted red carpet finish. Now excuse us as we swoon over how flawless these Insta pics will be. Want to explore more styles to match your besties? Shop the entire prom dress collection on CLV.com, or click here to find a store near you! Xo, Camille
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The Only Music Playlist You'll Need For Prom '22

Prom Music Playlist Let’s face it: between tulle, tears, and future #tbt moments, prom night can get emotional. We totally get it; on such an iconic night, the pressure for everything to be perfect is real. In the midst of beauty time and coordinating with your crew, it’s easy to get lost in the sparkly shuffle about what prom’s really about: having an amazing night with even more amazing people! And what sets the tone for an unforgettable evening? Music! Whether you like to get down to the most current beats or prefer Gaga and Beyoncé classics, our playlist is a music mix that will surely get you pumped up for prom, from getting ready beforehand to the last song of the evening. Now get ready to make some memories, one twerk at a time. Xo, Camille
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Prom Dress Shopping with Instagram It-Girl Hunter Rae Mason

Hunter Rae Mason for Camille La Vie Prom Hey girls! Have you seen our recent posts featuring Instagram star Hunter Rae Mason? A model, car enthusiast, and #CLVGIRL, we recently partnered with the Florida senior for prom, where she served as a brand ambassador for Camille La Vie! Hunter Rae Mason Camille La Vie Prom A loyal customer since middle school, Hunter recently purchased her senior prom dress from our Orlando store, documenting all her chic choices on Instagram before deciding on a stunning two-piece sparkler, below. Blue Two Piece Prom Dress Aside from sharing her shopping experience with us, Hunter recently took over our Instagram live talking all things prom, from her Camille La Vie dress (she knew it was “the one” the moment she put it on) to the biggest trends she spotted at her “Enchanted” themed prom (tons of pretty beading). The best advice she gave us? When shopping for a dress, have an open mind and try on everything-even if it’s a color you’re unsure about! Red Prom Dress by Camille La Vie Needless to say, we can’t get enough of this fashion it-girl! Follow her on Instagram @ihunter_rae and Snapchat @ihunterrae. Hunter Rae Mason Camille La Vie Prom Dress Xo, Camille
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5 Types of Pictures You Need to Take on Prom Night

5 Pictures You Need To Take at Prom For the months and months of rigorous prep, the four-something hours of prom night will absolutely fly. And like any event with lots of buildup, the pressure to have an awesome time is real. Aside from the obvious staying off social media and savoring each moment, how to keep track of a night that’s such a whirlwind? Taking lots of photos is already an unwritten rule, but why not have a bit more fun with it? No matter where prom takes you, be sure these 5 types of pictures are on your camera roll. Instagram uploads optional.

1. Cute Prom Date Picture

Whether you strut in with a date or your girl gang, be sure to take a fun-loving photo with your fellow arrivees. Rather than the typical stiff photo in front of the mantelpiece (though that’s always a classic!), make it something a little less generic; an all-smiles hug or group shot on the dance floor is epic evidence of a night well spent.

2. Getting Glammed Up

Sure, you’ll have tons of pictures when you’re done up and dressed to the nines, but why not commemorate the preparation process with some cool #bts hair and makeup photos? Whether it’s a snapshot at the salon or one mom takes as you brush on some mascara, give your future self some extra memories of the once-in-a-lifetime evening. And when you flip through your album years down the road, the warm fuzzy feels of prom will wash over you once again. Prom Pictures

3. Candid with Your Besties

With all the planning and primping, it’s easy to overlook what prom is all about-having a blast with your tried-and-trues! Whether you’re seated elegantly at your table or bumpin’ to the hottest tunes, capture memorable moments with your favorite peeps. Better yet, score some sweet candids by passing the camera to someone else for awhile.

4. Prom Dress Bodice Selfie

Smile and say “sparkle!” Whether the top half of your prom dress is beautifully bedazzled or has a unique cutout design, give it some selfie love with an up close and personal shot. Chances are no other images from the evening will give its detailed beauty justice, so scope out some good lighting and give your photography skills a whirl. Find the perfect bodice by browsing our collection of dreamy prom dresses.

5. A Gorgeous Background Shot

You found out the venue is drop dead gorg; lucky you! Whether it’s a chandelier-lined ballroom, overlooks a stunning city skyline, or sits on the grounds of gorgeous gardens, start snapping away girlie! It’s not every day you get to attend such a spectacular event, so set the scene for friend-filled photos with a gorgeous backdrop-you won’t regret it. As the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Get ready to start snapping at prom ’17! Xo, Camile
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Prom Do or Don't? Let's Discuss!

Do's and Don'ts for Prom 2017 On prom night there’s very few (if any) specific guidelines. It’s mostly common knowledge that comes into play; find a date, dress, mode of transportation, and you’re set. But there’s always extra tips and tidbits to help make the process as smooth as possible. Keep reading for our own unwritten rules to having the best prom night ever.

DO: Test prom hair and makeup early.

Ever arrive at the hair salon for a trim and leave with a pixie cut? Well imagine your dream prom hairstyle gone totally wrong-only in this case, there are tons of pictures to prove it! (Hint: don’t be this person) Whether you plan to visit a stylist for hair and makeup or do your own, give both a test run at least a month before to ensure that the Kendall Jenner cat-eye you love looks somewhat like the photo. And always keep your look authentic; if you’re normally a simple hair and makeup gal, a dramatic up-do and smoky eye could make you nearly unrecognizable-and unless it’s Halloween, who wants that?

DON’T: Wait for a prom date.

Rather than dropping oh-so-subtle hints to your crush, take initiative and ask yourself! Regardless of the answer, you’ll get a huge confidence boost and won’t have to wait around and wonder. Nervous just thinking about a promposal? Even simply asking about upcoming prom plans could be enough for your crush to get the picture. And prom dates are obviously not limited to a significant other; arrange to go with a best friend, group of pals, or even stag and you are sure to have just as much (if not more!) fun.

DO: Pick a prom dress you’re comfortable wearing.

Need we say more? Listen, we love a strapless dress as much as the next girl, but hiking it up all evening as you try to bust a move to Justin Bieber? Not cute. Be sure your prom dress is properly fitted and really question if you’d be comfortable rocking it all day and night. And steer clear of anything too tight or revealing; after all, it is a school event and you want to look ah-mazing without fear of wardrobe malfunctions.

DON’T: Spend the whole night sitting at your table.

Unless you’re chowing down on dinner or dessert, get up and mingle! Whether its hamming it up in the photo booth, slaying the dance floor, or simply chatting with different classmates, there’s plenty more to prom than sitting pretty with the place cards.

DO: Put down your phone!

You’ve surely heard the phrase “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Well life also happens when you are glued to your iPhone all night! It’s tempting to document every selfie on Instagram and live-stream the dance floor on Facebook, but keep the phone in your clutch and savor these moments in real life. Repeat after us: prom only lasts a few hours, but there will be endless time for uploading after the night’s over. Now get out there and make some memories! Xo, Camille