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Beauty ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE Prom preparation prom tips

Prep for Prom: Six Steps to Glowing Skin

prom 2023 image, tips for glowing skin for prom


You might be wondering how you are going to get your skin to look perfect for prom. Don’t stress out! Getting your skin to look clean and glowing is actually a lot easier and cheaper than you think. Don’t go crazy trying to buy all of these products at top dollar to help cleanse your skin. By following these six simple steps you can have the glowing skin you've always dreamed of in no time! And with prom night getting close, you'll surely achieve those goals if you get started now. 1. Start with Steam. The steam from taking a hot shower can help open your pores so you can get all of the gunk out of your skin and let the good stuff in. 2. Drink up! Water is definitely your friend if you want beautiful glowing skin. Even just the slightest dehydration can cause your skin to look dull. Water can help give your skin a natural glow and helps eliminate the puffiness underneath your eyes. So make sure you drink lots of water weeks before prom so your skin is perfect for the big day. 3. Sleep, Sleep and more Sleep: Lack of sleep can be extremely detrimental for your skin. It can leave behind dark circles and bags, which is definitely not what you want on prom night. While you sleep, your skin is being restored and renewed from the day’s wear and tear. It can help improve the texture of you skin and give it that supple, gorgeous glow. Make sure you develop an appropriate sleeping schedule (at least 8 hours of sleep a night) before prom. 4. Green Tea: Drinking a cup of tea every night a couple of weeks before prom is a cheap and easy way to get glowing skin. The antioxidants in green tea help to flush out toxins and keep your body hydrated. 5. Don’t forget to exfoliate! Make sure you exfoliate once or twice a week for a couple of weeks before prom. Your body is shedding skin cells all the time so it is important to get rid of dead skin or else it will end up looking dull and dry. Use products like Clean & Clear Advantage 3-1 Exfoliating cleanser for your face and Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash to help give your skin a glowing look. 6. Give Your Skin Oxygen: Spend some time every day doing some exercises to help improve your skin. The increased oxygen supply to your blood stream during exercise helps improve your complexion and gives you an instant glow. So dish the thought of having to buy high-end, expensive skin products to get that glow. All it takes is some natural healing and detoxifying methods in a set routine and a couple trusty skincare items at a fraction of the cost of those luxury brands and you're good to go! .

ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE how to pose in pictures prom night prom tips

Our Top Tips on Posing for Prom Pictures


poses for prom pictures for instagram

In a world filled with selfies, stories, and other social media shenanigans, the pressure to look good in front of the camera has never been fiercer. And with prom night rapidly approaching, you and your gals are sure to be all over Tik Tok and the ‘gram (unless you’re taking a much-needed break from social media, which in that case…good for you, girl!) But as far as posing, a simple smile can be a tad…boring. And peace signs and duck lips? Let’s not even go there. Slay in front of the camera with our tips for owning every picture, video, Boomerang- anything, really.

Try the Tongue Trick

Okay, okay, we know we mentioned that a simple smile can be a little too basic, but hear us out! For those classic moments when you just have to (hello posing in front of the mantel!), gently press your tongue to the roof of your mouth as you grin. This trick helps lengthen your neck and jawline and (ta da!) eliminates a double chin. Sign. Us. Up.

Check Your Posture

Repeat after us: Do. Not. Slouch. Rather than over-arching your back, pretend an invisible string is pulling you up from the crown of your head. Think of lengthening versus bending your spine back (because…ouch).

Turn to the Side

Fact: no one looks flattering facing the camera head-on. Whether you’re in a group photo or posing solo, angle your body about 45 degrees to the side (i.e. midway between facing the camera and totally sideways) Don’t forget to tilt your face slightly as well, and if one arm is free, place it on your hip for a super slender effect.

Don’t Forget Your Legs

Looking fab in photos is truly a head-to-toe effort! Make your legs look long, lean, and model-esque by crossing one foot behind the other. Bonus: this tip also works if you’re sitting down!

Do Your Own Thing

This one only applies to group shots. Whether you’re posing with one or three of your besties, have everyone casually do their own thing for a natural, non-stiff look. Pop one leg, blow a kiss, or giggle while looking at the gal next to you for an adorable, we’re-totally-being-spontaneous shot. The best tip for a flawless photo? A standout prom dress! Find endless styles on Xo, Camille
Beauty ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE Prom preparation prom tips

PREP FOR PROM: 10 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

10 beauty tips for prom

As a girl, getting ready for prom can be a complicated task. Guys have it easy: rent a tux, buy a corsage and have little prep work the day of prom. But for girls it is a different story. Getting the perfect prom look could take lots of time and preparation. There is finding your dream prom dress, shoes, makeup, and hairstyle to complete your head-to-toe look. With so many things to think about, prom can be a very overwhelming time. That is where this list is here to help. Here are 10 easy beauty tips to help get you ready for prom and have a great night! 1. Find the right moisturizer: Finding the right moisturizer for your exact skin type can do wonders to make your skin smooth and shiny. Imperialis from Lush Cosmetics is a perfect moisturizer that works for basically all skin types. All of their products are handmade and consist of all natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals are added to their products, making your skin look healthy and smooth. 2. Start whitening your teeth early. The perfect smile can make all the difference at prom. It is important to start whitening you teeth at least two weeks before prom to achieve those pearly whites. Products like Crest White Strips work great and are easy to use. 3. Freeze your makeup: Once you apply you foundation and makeup on your eyes and cheek, stick your face in the freezer for about 20 seconds. Now you might be thinking “why on earth would I put my face in the freezer?” Your makeup will essentially “freeze” to your face, making it last longer then usual. 4. Clean up your brows: Some might get their brows done the day of or before prom but this is a bad idea. Some girls might have sensitive skin and will get red marks that take sometime to go away. About one week before prom will give you enough time to get them done and look great for the big night. 5. Finding the best hairstyle: Months before prom, schedule a “practice” session with you hairstylist. It might happen that the hairstyle you picked doesn’t look exactly the way you thought it would. Getting a practice run will give you an idea how your hair will turn out, saving you from a potential mistake. 6. Getting the perfect tan: While most people book multiple tanning bed sessions before prom, this can eventually damage you skin. Spray tans are a healthier option to get that perfect glowing skin for prom. Take some time to find the right spray tan for your skin like St. Tropez Bronzing Mist. 7. Hydrate your hair: Dry and damaged hair not only doesn’t look good but it can cause problems when styling your hair. Use a leave-in conditioner like this multi-tasking hair mist from Ouai . This will leave you hair super soft and hydrated without weighing it down. 8. Highlight your eyes OR your mouth: One of the biggest mistakes you can make is putting on too much makeup. Have a nice clean look by highlighting either your eyes or lips. If you focus on lips try a bright color like red or pink from fan-favorite Kylie Cosmetics. If you want to make your eyes pop instead, go all out with liner, shadow and mascara. Maybelline makes a variety of cost-friendly products to help get the right look for your eyes. 9. Use a good deodorant: This is especially important if you are going to be dancing the night away at prom. A product like Dove Advanced Care Beauty doesn’t leave white marks and it will keep you smelling fresh all night long! 10. Pick the right shoes: Having the right shoes is an important part of preparing for prom. Not only do you want shoes that look good but also feel good. You are going to be walking around a lot and dancing so you want shoes that aren’t going to hurt your feet. Master these TEN TIPS and you'll be ready to party the night away at Prom...and feel absolutely fresh 'n fabulous from head to toe! XO, Camille La Vie

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Our Top Prom Clutch Essentials

Prom Clutch EssentialsWhile you’re busy scoping out trends and shopping for the perfect prom dress, you’re probably not thinking of the little details, like what exactly to bring with you the day of. And let’s face it: accidents happen, whether it’s a tiny stain on your dress or a curl that comes loose from your updo. But have no fear girlies; as always, we’ve got you covered! Scroll below for our prom clutch essentials you’ll want to swipe, blot, and spritz all night.

Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen

Protect your prom dress from pesky stains (or at least, be prepared for them!) with this ever-reliable spot remover pen. Tuck it into your clutch for an easy-peasy fix during an uh-oh moment. Bonus: spread the love and give the extra 2 pens to your besties!

Big Sexy Hair Spray

Is there anything more annoying than your hair doing, well, not what it’s supposed to be doing? Yeah, we’ve been there. This travel size hairspray was rated as super effective and easy to use by customers. Give a quick spritz for those moments your ‘do just won’t cooperate.

Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Oil

Keep lips kissably soft with this soothing lip color! Containing coconut oil and vitamin E, you’ll want to swipe this moisturizing formula on all night. And with adorable names like Peachsicle and Tickle-Me-Peach, we dare you to limit yourself to just one!

Prom Clutches by Camille La ViePacifica Coconut Milk & Essential Oils Underarm Deodorant Wipes

Give your body a little refresh anytime you need it with these pre-moistened deodorant wipes! Perfect for tucking into your clutch, this coconut scented 10-pack will be your saving grace after long sessions on the dance floor.

White Marble Matchbook Bobby Pins

Truth: sometimes your hairstyle needs a ‘lil touchup, whether strands are falling in your face or pieces of your updo came undone. Salvage tresses with these bobby pins that are perfectly pretty for prom.

Too Cool for School Blotting Paper

Too cool for school? We say too good to pass up! These highly-rated blotting papers come in a pack of 50 and leave skin looking fresh, radiant and oil-free. Your picture-perfect evening awaits.

The Healthy Fragrance – Vanilla Coconut Rollerball Perfume

For some mid-prom pampering, swipe on this rollerball perfume and instantly transport to the tropics! A beautiful blend of Tahitian flowers and Madagascar vanilla, we guarantee your night will be scent-sational. Scoop up one- or all!-of these goodies for a polished, pampered prom night! Xo, Camille
Fashion Trends Prom Dress Style Guide ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE french words Prom preparation prom tips

French Fashion Words to Know for Prom 2022

Camille La Vie Prom DressesWe already know that the French are super stylish peeps, but did you know that certain fashion words we use are straight from their language? Words like boutique, tulle and ombré don’t even need transition, but if you’re looking to expand your vocab, we’ve got you covered. To get a small taste of our prom catalog, check out the French words to know, below, and feel free to whip them out whether you’re heading to Paris or en route to prom (or just looking to impress your French teacher!)

Très chic: “Very stylish”

Chances are you’ve heard this popular phrase before! Whether it’s at prom or on a random occasion, make someone’s day by telling them their style is très chic. They’re sure to love you forever and ever (we know we would!) Pronounce it: “Treh sheek”

Rouge: “Red”

Ooh la la! Our 2022 prom dress collection is booming with this haute shade! Make a punchy statement by rocking this power color for the big dance, then impress your crew with your stellar French pronunciation of it. Pronounce it: “Roozh”

Déco: “decoration” or “embellishments”

Deck out with tons of déco! From beading and sequins to tulle and lace, a prom dress is nothing without show-stopping details! Be on the lookout for high shine and delicate extras (you won’t have to look hard –your eyes will draw right to these striking looks!) Pronounce it: “Deco”

Bleu: “Blue”

Soothing and ever-so chic; there’s a reason Cinderella wore this classic color to the ball! Whether you go for a soft tone or high shine, there’s a hue for everyone en bleu. Pronounce it: “Bloo”

Élégant: “Elegant”

No hidden meaning here! Just get your French accent ready; aside from the e’s, the only difference with this term is how you say it. Embody élégance on prom night with a dress that’s long, flowy, and ready for a slow dance or two. Warning: your evening’s about to take a turn for the classy. Pinkies up! Pronounce it: “Ilee-gan”

Éblouissant: “Dazzling”

This one’s a toughie, but it’s perfect for describing the déco prom dress of your dreams (see what we did there?) Casually drop the term while prom dress shopping with mom or your girls; you’re sure to get an interesting reaction. Scenario: Friend holds up a plain prom dress. You: “I’m actually looking for a style that’s more… éblouissant.” Pronounce it: “Eh-blu-ee-san

Luxueux brocade: “Luxurious brocade”

Okay, okay, so this phrase might be a little less ordinary, but nail the pronunciation and you’ll sound seriously French. What even is brocade? A fabric, with a slightly raised pattern that offers a super lavish finish (not to mention is a huge trend this year). Find an entire section of brocade dresses in our 2022 catalogue! Pronounce it: “Loox-ee-uh bro-cad”

J’adore: “I love” or “I adore”

How sweet! Say this to your bestie to let her know how much you appreciate her – or her style! Pronounce it: “Sjay-door”

Robe: “Dress”

You know we couldn’t leave this one out! Just don’t pronounce it like the garment you wear over your pj’s. Pronounce it: “Rhub” Xo, Camille
Prom Dress Style Guide ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE prom night prom pictures prom tips

5 Types of Pictures You Need to Take on Prom Night

5 Pictures You Need To Take at Prom For the months and months of rigorous prep, the four-something hours of prom night will absolutely fly. And like any event with lots of buildup, the pressure to have an awesome time is real. Aside from the obvious staying off social media and savoring each moment, how to keep track of a night that’s such a whirlwind? Taking lots of photos is already an unwritten rule, but why not have a bit more fun with it? No matter where prom takes you, be sure these 5 types of pictures are on your camera roll. Instagram uploads optional.

1. Cute Prom Date Picture

Whether you strut in with a date or your girl gang, be sure to take a fun-loving photo with your fellow arrivees. Rather than the typical stiff photo in front of the mantelpiece (though that’s always a classic!), make it something a little less generic; an all-smiles hug or group shot on the dance floor is epic evidence of a night well spent.

2. Getting Glammed Up

Sure, you’ll have tons of pictures when you’re done up and dressed to the nines, but why not commemorate the preparation process with some cool #bts hair and makeup photos? Whether it’s a snapshot at the salon or one mom takes as you brush on some mascara, give your future self some extra memories of the once-in-a-lifetime evening. And when you flip through your album years down the road, the warm fuzzy feels of prom will wash over you once again. Prom Pictures

3. Candid with Your Besties

With all the planning and primping, it’s easy to overlook what prom is all about-having a blast with your tried-and-trues! Whether you’re seated elegantly at your table or bumpin’ to the hottest tunes, capture memorable moments with your favorite peeps. Better yet, score some sweet candids by passing the camera to someone else for awhile.

4. Prom Dress Bodice Selfie

Smile and say “sparkle!” Whether the top half of your prom dress is beautifully bedazzled or has a unique cutout design, give it some selfie love with an up close and personal shot. Chances are no other images from the evening will give its detailed beauty justice, so scope out some good lighting and give your photography skills a whirl. Find the perfect bodice by browsing our collection of dreamy prom dresses.

5. A Gorgeous Background Shot

You found out the venue is drop dead gorg; lucky you! Whether it’s a chandelier-lined ballroom, overlooks a stunning city skyline, or sits on the grounds of gorgeous gardens, start snapping away girlie! It’s not every day you get to attend such a spectacular event, so set the scene for friend-filled photos with a gorgeous backdrop-you won’t regret it. As the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Get ready to start snapping at prom ’17! Xo, Camile