Turn Heads in a Two Piece Prom Dress

Two-Piece Prom Dresses

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Turn Heads in a Two Piece Prom Dress

Two Piece Prom DressTo back up the phrase “two is better than one” we’re campaigning hard for two piece prom dresses. Sure, this style has been around for years know, but has only grown in popularity for the formal night, and why not? It’s more unique than the standard long prom dress, yet isn’t as dramatic as a plunge neckline or open back. And not only is this look a fashion-forward choice, but is a tasteful way to show a bit more skin. So if you love a good crop top and jean shorts combo, then a two piece prom look may be perfect for you! Luckily, the Camille La Vie prom collection is rolling out a fresh crop of styles for Spring 2019. Concerned a two piece style isn’t for you? Good news; this versatile cut works for any body type. It draws the eyes to your middle and offers a streamlined finish. And depending on your personal fashion taste, there’s a variety of statement-making looks to choose from. Find two piece prom dresses in a multitude of fabrics, including satin, Jersey, Mikado, and more in both sleek and dramatic silhouettes that are just begging to be Instagrammed. Finishing touches make all the difference; discover two piece prom dresses with elegant lace, breathtaking applique, dazzling beading, and flirty illusion. We know there’s a look to call your own. Once you’ve narrowed down your dress, accessorize with a simple bangle bracelet or sparkling stud earrings; after all, you want the dress to take the spotlight! Take a peek at our two piece prom dress collection here! Happy shopping! Xo, Camille
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Two-Piece Prom Dresses

Two-Piece Prom Dresses Two-Piece prom dresses are the must-have style of the year for Prom and we’ve got looks you’re going to love! When it comes to prepping your ultimate prom ensemble, one very important question comes to a young girl’s mind. That question being, “What’s trending this prom season?” It’s a good thing you have us to keep you always in the know! There’s a chic two-word answer to this important prom question: Two-Piece prom dresses of course. For a look that’s totally on trend, you’ve got to go with a two-piece look for prom! Whether it’s long or short, mikado, lace, or jersey knit, your two-piece prom dress is destined for the prom best dressed list, trust us. There’s a reason why two-piece prom dresses are such big trendsetters this prom season and that’s because they’ve got something other prom dresses don’t have. Two-Piece prom dresses have a uniqueness about them. A unique style that’s all their own, that can’t be touched by any other dress styles. Two-piece prom dresses stand on their own as style ground-breakers. The fun of styling a two-piece look for prom is something you won’t experience when styling any other style prom dress, because with two-pieces, you’re styling an outfit, you’re putting two separate pieces together and having them come together to make one beautiful dress… one whole beautiful look. It’s an amazing feeling to feel as though you yourself have personally played a real key part in putting together your entire look, you feel a sense of creativity especially if you choose to mix and match different two-piece sets!

Two-Piece Prom Dress Styles

Two-piece prom dresses are twice the fun to wear and to style! Learn how to effortlessly style your ensemble and how to know which prom dress best suits your personal style needs. What you’ll need to know is all of the different fabrics and patterns two-piece prom dresses are available in. Here a few different options to consider when deciding which two-piece dress design will fit your prom style…

Two-Piece Lace Prom Dresses

If you’d like to style a romantic look for prom, we totally suggest picking a two-piece lace design. With just the right amount of skin showing in the midriff to give your dress a sense of both allure and class, a soft lace fabric will top it all off and you’ll be the perfect prom combo of sexy and classy!

Two-Piece Mikado Prom Dresses

For a more grandeur prom fashion statement, you should definitely go with a two-piece mikado prom dress. Mikado is a beautiful fabric with a flawless sheen and decadent look that gives it a very upscale vibe. You’re destined for prom stardom in a two-piece mikado dress.

Two-Piece Printed Prom Dresses

Tap into the two-piece dress’ inherent fun and flirty side with a playful print! Bold prints and patterns can take any look from drab to fab. A colorful floral is perfect if you love bright colors in your wardrobe, or maybe you’re more of the chic type and want a simple black and white floral print. For a printed two-piece look with a little edge, go abstract, 3D, or geometrical.

Two-Piece Solid Prom Dresses

Solid, un-embellished looks may sound a little drab, but rest assured they are from it! Solids, much like two-piece dresses, give us a great deal of creative styling freedom. We get to choose whether we want to accessorize the look or keep it classic and let its beauty stand on its own. For prom we always vote accessorize! Keeping it simple can wait for another occasion. Prom is about sparkle and embellishing your look with the accessories you love!