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What To Wear: Fall & Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

What To Wear: Fall & Winter Weddings "I don't know what to wear!!!!" Calm down girlfriend, we can hear your cries of despair from over here! Sit down and take a breather, because we are here to help! So, you've got a Fall or Winter wedding coming up that you've been invited to attend and you haven't the slightest idea on what to wear. "What kind of dress can I possibly wear that's going to keep me warm, but still looking and feeling my best?" Keep reading, we've got your answers! What To Wear: Fall Weddings Fall is that frustrating time of year where the weather just can't seem to make up it's mind. It's cold and dreary when you head out in the morning and all of a sudden around lunch time, you're sweating bullets in the cozy clothes you had decided on when you were shivering just a few hours ago. If dressing for a regular day is this difficult, how can you possibly decide on the right kind of wedding guest dress? Lucky for you, we've got 5 great options here for any Fall wedding. If you couldn't tell, this season's hottest trends include, two-tones, two-pieces, metallics, florals, and lace. Fall is all about deep jewel tones that complement the season's natural colors. Number 1 is one of our favorites, it's all about fun and comfort! The unique print gets you noticed and the two-piece keeps you cool, but still covered! What To Wear: Winter WeddingsWinter temperatures may not be as indecisive as Fall, but there are still plenty of interferences when it comes to choosing a suitable dress for the cold months. Again, we've selected 5 of our favorite wedding guest dresses, this time for Winter. Most Winter weddings tend to fall around the holiday season, so bold deep colors and patterns should be your go-tos. Dress number 2 is ideal for a Winter ceremony, it will keep you warm because it's full length and long-sleeved, but it'll also keep you on-trend, because it's a fabulous black and taupe two-tone. We also love the middle dress, HELLO, it's obviously perfect for holiday time! And with everything in nature being washed out in the Winter, it's fun to wear red for a nice pop of color! Shop all of these looks at! Good luck girls and have a blast a the wedding! xo, Camille