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Hairstyles Trending for Prom 2024

Prom Hairstyles Trending for Prom 2022 Of course we've always got you covered in the prom dress department, but guess who's got your back with hair too? That's right, us! In this week's Prom trend report we give you all the deets on the hairstyles that are trending for Prom 2024! Finding the hairstyle that vibes with your dress can be a challenge, so we'll give you tips on that as well with each style. Now not only will we have given you the trendiest dresses for prom, you'll also know which 'do will match it best!


Going all natural is an awesome option for a lot of girls. One, because its easy and two, because it's unique! If you were blessed with naturally bold hair, whether it's loose or kinky curls, or even sleek and straight, embrace it! Pair your el natural locks with a simple dress design to keep the look consistent and chic.


It's quirky and edgy and totally fool-proof! Top-knots- similar to they're cousin the sock bun, but not to be confused! Sock buns have a more refined look to them, whereas top-knots embrace a more "messy" look. They look awesome when paired with a cute headband and a dress with unique detailing!


Feelin a more laid style? Go beachy! Effortlessly cool tendrils will give your prom look the glam and chill vibes you're looking to combine and they'll do it with ease. As for your dress style, stick to something bright and vibrant and a light-weight fabric!


We love sock buns for a couple of reasons. First, they're easy to do and won't be in your way at all through the night. Second, they let your dress speak for itself without interruption. Sock buns make the perfect 'do for an embellished ensemble.


Do you like to stay on trend more so than stick to the classics? If yes, you should definitely try a half up half down look! It's a must-try right now and there are so many ways you can pull it off. Straight, curled, top-knot, pony, it looks chic any way you work it! Pair your trendy locks with a trendy dress, duh! Look for something with unique details like cutouts or geo-patterens.


Who doesn't love a classic look? Maybe trends aren't your thing and you prefer to stick with a style that will have staying power. In that case, we say bring back old Hollywood allure with sleek curls and a timeless dress with modern features! Whether it's trendy or classic, or natural and effortless, we know your hair will be on point for Prom 2042! xo, Camille