Bridesmaid Dresses

For a lovely look for your ladies on wedding day, shop our popular collection of bridesmaids dresses and gowns! As you marry the love of your life, let your favorite girls shine by selecting from our various bridesmaids dress colors, styles, and lengths. Because every woman has different features that make her beautiful, our dresses for bridesmaids are designed with uniqueness in mind! Our collection takes into account different body shapes by offering plus sizes for women with curves and provides options in many colors, like navy, petal pink, and black bridesmaids dresses that complement any hair or skin tone. And what about style? From strapless to chiffon to satin bridesmaid dresses, any of our flowing frocks are sure to win your heart.


We understand that picking a bridesmaids dress color and style can seem incredibly overwhelming, especially with the endless options available. Our selection of classic shades, silhouettes and styles are sure to be a classy addition to your dream wedding. Think of it as your one-stop shop to a flawless bridal party! Shop our bridesmaid dresses and gowns now and watch your dream wedding come to life!

Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Style your precious ladies in any of our glowing bridesmaids dress colors for a dreamy wedding day! The color of your bridesmaid dresses is an critical choice, as it sets the tone for your wedding day setting and theme, not to mention appears in endless photos! Depending on the season, you may choose to go dark or light, soft or bold, or not follow a color scheme at all. Our dress colors for bridesmaids are selected to make every ‘maid shine like her gorgeous self on your big day. Some of the hues included in our collection are:

  • Black bridesmaid dresses
  • Navy blue bridesmaid dresses
  • Red bridesmaid dresses
  • Burgundy bridesmaid dresses
  • Petal pink bridesmaid dresses
  • Rose bridesmaid dresses

If you wish to select colors based on season, petal pink bridesmaid dresses pair well with a summer wedding, while navy, red, and wine bridesmaid dresses are flawless for the fall. If you dare to go dark, black bridesmaids dresses may seem extreme, but they can appear super sophisticated for winter nuptials, right along with navy. And lastly, rose bridesmaid dresses can also wonderfully adorn a springtime wedding. Regardless of the season or shade you choose, these hues are designed to make your ladies luminous. Find your perfect bridesmaid dress colors now by browsing our collection!

Bridesmaids Dress Styles

Let’s face it- narrowing down endless bridesmaid dress styles can be overwhelming and frustrating. Shopping our collection of classic cuts and elegant finishes makes for a seamless selection process. From strapless to sheer necklines to illusion halters, our dress styles for bridesmaids are designed with simple sophistication in mind.

Some of the bridesmaids dress styles included in our collection are:

  • Junior bridesmaids dresses
  • Plus size bridesmaid dresses
  • Chiffon bridesmaids dresses
  • Satin bridesmaid dresses

Looking for beach bridesmaid dresses? Our chiffon bridesmaids dresses are beautifully breezy for coastal nuptials and are excellent for keeping your ladies cool, comfortable, and stylish as they watch you say I do. Although not labeled as such, our selection also offers options for junior bridesmaid dresses. Our polished bridesmaids dress styles are perfectly suitable for the younger ‘maid in your wedding party as well, designed to make women of all ages feel confident on a memorable day. And for ladies with curves, we offer plus size bridesmaid dresses to ensure a timeless fit for every body type. No need to let the decision linger- shop our popular bridesmaids dress styles today for a picture-perfect wedding!

Bridesmaids Dress Length Etiquette

Undecided on where the hem should fall on your bridesmaids dresses? Our tips on bridesmaids dress length etiquette may give you a hint on the type of dress that fits the theme of your wedding! If you find yourself pondering over cocktail or floor length, look no further than our heavenly silhouettes. The lengths of bridesmaids dresses that we offer are:

  • Short bridesmaids dresses
  • Long bridesmaids dresses

For a warm locale such as a wedding by the shore, short bridesmaid dresses show a bit more skin and will keep bridesmaids comfortable and stylish in a warm, sunny climate. Short dresses for bridesmaids are also a great choice if your wedding is on the casual side.

For weddings warranting a more formal dress code, like a black tie ballroom event, our long bridesmaids dresses may be the fashion fit for your best girls. All of the looks from our collection are fashioned to make your ladies feel like princesses inside and out. No matter the length you choose, our flowing dresses are sure to complement your wedding style. Browse our classic collection to learn more about bridesmaids dress length etiquette and decide which type best suits your special day!