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Long Prom Dresses


When it comes time to choosing their dream prom dress, young women are presented with a wide variety of overwhelming choices. Color, length, silhouette, beading, fabric, etc. are all part of deciding on that one dress. With school work, family life and extracurricular activities, making these choices can be more stressful than one might think. This decision making process is a pivotal moment in any girl’s high school career, let alone a fashionista’s lifetime. This dress will represent her and her high school fashion sense for the rest of her life. The dress that she chooses will live on in classic prom pictures with her date and in photos of her and her besties, framed for all to see! Luckily, we offer a stunning variety of styles, including plus size prom dresses and petite prom dresses. Scroll below to see the collection!

Prom Maxi Dresses

With the amount of different dress choices and the weight this decision carries, it makes sense that so many girls choose to go with long dresses for prom. Long prom dresses, first of all, are always a permanent staple during prom season, making them the easiest dress style to find. Other dress lengths are always options but long prom dresses always seem to be the classic choice. Secondly, they’re everywhere for a reason. Whether they’re for prom, guest-of-wedding, or any black-tie affair, long dresses embody the ultimate in glam style. From old Hollywood to new Hollywood, actresses and singers a-like continue to line the red carpet at award shows and movie premieres in their best long dresses in hopes of making the coveted best-dressed list! And the same goes for prom! Just because, long prom dresses have made a name for themselves as the traditional style for any formal event does not make them a boring choice; they’re far from it. Long prom dresses are elegant, timeless, and always flattering.

Why You Too Should Choose a Long Prom Dress

Not only have long prom dresses remained a popular staple of women’s fashion in the media for countless years, they also account for some of the most flattering dress silhouettes ever seen. Their lasting allure in television and cinema paired with their elegant designs make long dresses the obvious choice for prom or any formal affair. What girl wouldn’t want to feel like a movie star with all eyes on her when she walks in a room? It’s that feeling that a long prom dress gives to a prom girl, and that’s something to hold on to. Once you decide to go with a long dress for prom, a few more choices await you. You’ll have to figure out the impression you’d like to make. Your dress’ vibe will not only exude from its length but also from the elements of its design. Things to think about:

  • Type of fabric
  • Beading and embellishments
  • Shape and cut
  • Design
  • Sleeve-length
  • Neckline
  • Color

Each of these factors plays a key role in giving your prom dress its own unique aura.

Design Elements of a Long Prom Dress

As mentioned before, the details of the prom dress you choose will bring life to it. Without close attention to intricate detailing or bold marks of grand design, your dress will fall flat in comparison to other formal looks, so remember to keep this in mind when selecting the perfect long dress for your personal style needs. Some design elements to keep an eye out for include sweetheart necklines, cutouts, and 3D appliques. These all contribute to a beautiful prom look! Sweetheart necklines will give your dress a very soft and romantic feel making them great choices for Prom! Cutouts and metallic/floral appliques will make your dress eye-catching and you’ll be a total prom trend-setter! Another popular design feature you might love is lace. Lace is a gorgeous, feminine fabric used often in the world of prom dresses because there are so many ways to wear it. Lace looks stunning with both chunky beading as well as light and ethereal sparkle. It can also be worn in a breathtaking two-toned look. When it comes to styling lace, the options are endless.

Fabric For Your Long Prom Dress

You may not think that something as simple as fabric can really have a great effect on the style and allure of your dress, but it actually has a very big impact. Fabric is the basis of any dress and is the foundation on which your long prom dress’ style is built upon. Two very popular dress fabrics are Mikado and Jersey Knit. Let’s use them as an example…you wouldn’t embellish a long Mikado prom dress the same way you would a Jersey Knit, because it would take away from each fabric’s unique qualities. Mikado is a strong fabric with a great deal of class and elegance woven throughout; therefore, it stands on its own. Being a grand fabric and unlike many Jersey knits, Mikado often doesn’t need any beading or sparkling embellishments to make it stand out. On the other hand, Jersey knit fabric has two identities; the plain and simple look with minimal embellishments that allow for extra fabric to be incorporated into the design for draping and ruching effects as it is a very giving material that falls nicely into pattern and the very decorated adornments like overall sequins or sporadic chunky beading that this fabric can handle as it moves with the flow of the design elements giving you a perfect fit. Some other classic fabrics used in the design of long prom dresses include satin, chiffon, lace, tulle, and allover sequin. Satin, similar to Mikado, serves as a bolder stand-alone fabric. It is a thick fabric with a stunning reflective sheen. Chiffon, lace, and tulle are all very delicate fabrics used often in ethereal long prom dress styles. Chiffon is a very free-moving fabric allowing for beautiful ruching and detailing often without the need of beading. Lace is a bit stiffer due to its intricately embroidered patterns. Elegant and royal, tulle is most often used in the design of breathtaking ball gowns and striking mermaid long prom dresses. Last but not least, allover sequin looks are extremely popular for long prom dress styles. They sparkle and shine effortlessly in any light making you the star of the show. Allover sequin dresses are go-to statement makers for any prom girl!

Beading and Embellishment for Long Prom Dresses

Do you see yourself as more of a Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet or maybe more of a Jennifer Lawrence? Both women are known for their style, but in very different ways. Jennifer Lopez embraces a loud and flashy, yet still classy style, whereas Jennifer Lawrence tends to go for more subtle styles with a little bit of edge. Both wear dresses with embellishments that are unique to their personal style. If you like long prom dresses with chunky beading and bold patterns, then your personal style is more in line with J Lo. If you choose a long dress with more trendy, out-of-the-box designs, then you relate more to J Law’s red carpet style. What’s important to remember is that a dash of bling is always key in pulling off any stunning prom look!

Long Prom Dress Silhouettes for Your Body Shape

There are a variety of bold silhouettes to choose from when it comes to shopping for the ideal long prom dress. From trumpet, to mermaid prom dresses, to A-line, to peplum, the options are endless for a stunning silhouette to get you noticed. Go with an A-line hem for a more relaxed fit and feel. If you’re more about making a statement, then choose a mermaid or trumpet skirt and wow them all. Take the wow-factor a step further with a peplum bodice that will blow everyone away! Visit our page about tips on choosing a style that fits your body!

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