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Your Complete Personal Prom Checklist!

Personal Prom Checklist And we're back with more PROM updates! In recent posts, we've talked a lot about how to prep for Prom as a whole. We've talked about joining your school's committee and how to assign important planning tasks to each member of the committee. Tasks like securing a DJ and an awesome venue. Now we want to talk about everything YOU need to do to get yourself personally ready to go when Prom rolls around!

First, let's take care of how you're getting there, because let's face it, Prom won't be in your living room as much as some of us would love that! Do you want to go with the typical stretch limo ride? Or maybe you and your friends would love something a little more out of the box like a trolley ride! Some schools, like Pennsbury High School, even go all out with processions through the local town on floats made by the students!

Now, let's think about your look! What are you going for this year? Edgy and trendy or flirty and girly?! We've got plenty of chic options to fit any style mold you may want to fill! We recommend these essentials for a more girly feel!

And for the final touches! No look is complete without a fresh mani! Check out for amazing nail art inspiration! When it comes to complementing your whole ensemble, a natural sun-kissed tan is what it's all about! We highly recommend St Tropez Tanning Mousse and definitely purchase the application mitt as well, it ensures an all over even tan! BONUS: Your color will last for even a few days after applying! Keep this checklist handy at all times and we promise you will avoid any and all Prom prep meltdowns! Good luck girls! xo, Camille