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Let’s Shop for Off the Shoulder Dresses

Are you looking for an elegant and chic look for prom this season? Perfect, let’s check out the Camille La Vie Off the Shoulder Prom Dress Collection! This style of dress is perfect for showing off your shoulders and highlighting your neckline in the most elegant way. Not only is it perfect for prom, but any formal event! Let’s check out what kind of off the shoulder dresses you can turn heads in at your next event!Sequin Off the Shoulder
A Sequin Off the Shoulder Dress is the “It Girl” look! The dress highlights all your perfect features with a touch of sequin to make sure you are shining throughout the night. The fit of a off the shoulder dress perfectly highlights your neckline and shoulders! This would look stunning with a nice up-do or a half-up half-down hairstyle. Of course, pairing it with jewelry will just add the DRAMA to your look, in all the best ways! 

Off the Shoulder Ballgown
The off the shoulder ballgown gives you such a romantic, ethereal look for prom making you appear like the princess you always dreamed of being! Our off the shoulder ballgowns include perfect amounts of detailing like floral embroidery or a touch of glitter. The off the shoulder style highlights just the right spots whereas the endless tiers of fabric give you the timeless look. This is a dress style worth dreaming of for your event!

Off the Shoulder Mermaid Dress
Want to look like the real-life version of Ariel? If that’s a yes, then the off the shoulder mermaid style dress is the perfect match for you! This style of dress is giving DRAMA and SWEETHEART, all in one! The fitted bodice with the off the shoulder detailed style just wraps the whole look up! Let’s show off those shoulders and curves with an off the shoulder mermaid dress!

At Camille La Vie, we can’t get over this style dress! We love seeing our #CLVGirls feeling their best and looking confident! We can’t wait to see what you choose for prom, formal, or every other special event! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram! We will gladly repost, have a blast this prom season!

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Our Top 3 Fave Shoes For Prom!

You finally found your perfect prom dress. Yay, you got through the hardest part! Now, it’s time to complete the look with accessories, specifically shoes. Sometimes this part is just as difficult as finding a dress. It feels like there are so many questions you need to ask yourself. “How high do you want your heel?” “Do you want it bedazzled or do you want a simple, standard heel?” Oh, the questions! Well don’t worry, Camille La Vie not only has dresses but shoes for any event too! We decided to help our #CLVGirls and take away some stress by letting you know which shoes we are obsessed with!

1. Low Heel Glitter Ankle Strap Sandal

We are starting off the list with a touch of glitter! This low heel is for the girlies who are looking to add just the right amount of glitz to their look. These sandals are perfect for adding a little extra touch of sparkle and shine to their style. The Low Heel Glitter Ankle Strap Sandal is the perfect height to stay dancing on the dance floor all night and feel comfortable.

2. Glitter Double Strap Rhinestone Block Heel Sandal

Our next favorite heel for prom is the Glitter Double Strap Rhinestone Block Heel SandalThis shoe has just the perfect amount of detailing. You will dazzle your way through prom all night. The block heel is a perfect touch to your look, whether you are wearing a simple, classic style prom dress or have an extravagant color, the shoe pairs nicely. It is a simple accessory but adds about 2-3 inches to your prom look. It is just enough to keep you feeling comfortable all night with a little bit of height.

3. Strappy Rhinestone High Heel Sandal

Our last Camille La Vie prom shoe to talk about is the Strappy Rhinestone High Heel Sandal in the color gold. Now let’s talk about CHIC! This heel is for the girlies who love to add a couple of extra inches to their look! These heels with your prom look will leave a statement. They are the perfect heel to show off with a Side Slit Sequin Dress or an A-line dress. It has just the right amount of simplicity and glitz especially for prom.

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Find Out What Prom Dress Styles Are Trending!

It can be very challenging keeping up with the dynamic trends, especially during prom season! We know every time you scroll on TikTok there’s hundreds of different prom styles that pop up on your FYP. So, we thought, why not make it easier for our CLV girls? Here is a list of the most popular prom dress trends, we’ve seen in store and online! Everyone wants to look extravagant and stay on trend for prom, let’s get started!

  1. Mermaid Style Dress

The mermaid style prom dress is a popular look this year. This style leaves you with a flattering look with hints of sophistication and glamour. The mermaid style is made to highlight your figure in an elegant way. Camille La Vie has many different detailing and colors that will fit your prom aesthetic.

  1. Mesh Style Dresses

The mesh prom dresses are definitely on the top of the trending list! The alluring look of the dress gives ultimate Prom Queen vibes. The mesh style is often paired with lace or embroidery, which makes the dress eye-catching. It is a simple detail that leaves you with a bold look. For a more defined appearance you can pair it with a Strappy High Heel!

  1. Sequin Dresses

Sequin dresses are still in trend! This dress style is for the gals who want to shine all night long. This style is unique because you can represent your own individual style with how bedazzled you want to look on your special night. The sequined look often features an intricate design that leaves you with an elevating look.

Prom is one of the most memorable nights of your life, so you want everything to be perfect! Prom is your night to shine and be as unique as can be! Stop at a Camille La Vie store today to find your perfect dream dress. Don’t forget to pair your prom dress with beautiful accessories too! We hope this is helpful for your prom dress journey!

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How To Accessorize Your Prom Dress

Prom night is a special occasion, finding the perfect dress is just the beginning.  The right accessories can transform your looking making you stand out and shine.  The key is to find the perfect prom pieces that complement your look while showcasing your dress’s unique features.




Jewelry accentuates your prom dress and adds sparkle to your overall look.  Start by considering your neckline and silhouette.  For example, if your neckline is plunging, v neck, strapless, or off the shoulder, consider a statement necklace that complements the style.  For dresses with high, turtleneck, cleo, jewel necklines or embellished dresses; opt for elegant earrings, studs, hoops, Keeping sleeve lengths to a minimum, short, cap, or sleeveless; bracelets are simple additions to your prom look.  Choose a style that complements your necklace or earrings. 

Tip:  Keep the number of accessories to a minimum to avoid overpowering your look. 


Handbag (Clutch or Purse)

Don’t forget to bring a bag.  With very few necessities to carry:  phone, lipstick, ID, cash, a clutch may be easier to manage than a larger bag, or a small purse with a strap could also be convenient.

Consider a style that will complement your prom dress as well as your other accessories.  A metallic clutch in a shade that matches or contrasts with your dress for a sophisticated and polished look.  A beaded or embellished purse may be the perfect choice to add texture and sparkle without overwhelming your look.  

Tip: If you are struggling to find a color or texture option that complements your prom dress, consider metallics in gold, silver, or neutrals.




Your shoe selection can significantly influence your prom night experience.  Choose a style that complements your dress in terms of color, style, and comfort.  If you are wearing a floor length gown, consider a pair of elegant heels or stylish flats for comfort and support.  If you are wearing a short dress to prom, opt for heels, chunky, pumps, or platforms, that will show off your legs.  Ultimately, consider the silhouette and length of your dress, the event’s formality, and choose shoes that best complement your overall prom look.  In the right shoes; you’ll feel confident, comfortable, and ready to dance the night away.

Tip:  If concerned about prom night comfort for a floor length gown, consider block heels.  This shoe style is available in many styles and easier to walk, dance, and mingle.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to look stunning on your very special night and make memories to last a lifetime.  With Camille La Vie’s tips and suggestions, you can confidently choose the perfect prom pieces to complement your dress, showcase your style, and ensure an unforgettable prom experience. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to enhance your look.  Start shopping CLV.com now!


Written by:  MNFontinha

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Which Prom Dresses to Buy

Journey through the portal of self-discovery and style this season by learning more about the different prom dresses available! Making sure you know the landscape of the prom scene is essential for hunting down that dream gown. The first on our list is our A-line dresses, known for their fitted bodice and flared skirt. Be timeless and elegant with this look and check out these CLV dresses to get more of an idea!

If you are looking to be a little more dramatic with your looks and truly dazzle the crowd the moment you step on the dance floor, a mermaid dress might be the perfect look for you! These kinds of dresses carry your curves and flare out at the knees. So, every step that you take will be an exceptional way to carry yourself into the night. Whether you are looking for a mermaid dress with embellishments, appliques, or even glitter, then look to our mermaid collection for some inspiration!

Getting the feeling of your prom dress is the most important aspect of the night. You can feel spicy with bodycon or graceful with chiffon fabric. At the end of the day, it’s about what kind of dress makes you feel like your authentic self. Explore and experiment with gowns that unleash your inner princess or have you feeling hot when you’re taking those bathroom selfies with your friends! Whatever makes you feel good, ensure that the dress you choose will make your memories last forever. Check out our collections to get your prom tastebuds kicking!

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When to Buy your Prom Dress

You’re probably wondering, “When is the best time to buy your dream dress?”. This prom dress situation is getting so real as the season approaches. Prom is like a rite of passage, and you should get your style trends in a row before you start shopping!

Starting early is the best move for a successful season. Fashion companies big and small start their prom collections as early as December of the previous year. Talk about trying to Ace the season! High school juniors and seniors should get ready for the hype that comes up with this time of year.

Secure your style in the Facebook group by going with the motto “the early bird gets the worm”, for the next six months. Because if someone else flies in and swoops your style out from underneath you, then you must look at your other options. Cop your dream dress by starting the prom dress hunt now so you won’t have to deal with that last-minute stress. Whether you are looking to stun your friends with a Ballgown or want to be different with a short prom dress, it’s always good to look at your options before making the buy for a dress that will last a lifetime. By doing so, you will be able to try on different gowns and experiment with colors and embellishments to find the one that truly fits your vibe.

Procrastination during Prom season may be tempting with college commitments or college exams falling upon you. But it’s important to make this time of the year fun as well! Planning ahead will make the coming days stress free and will guarantee an epic prom night. Set your reminders, sign up to an email list, and get yourself in a dressing room, because this prom season you are going to slay the game with your unique style!

Pink Prom Dresses

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