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GRWM Prom 2023

In high school, I was known as the girl who always had a smoky eye done. No matter what kind of day I had, my makeup was always fresh and simply stood out.  However, my biggest Prom fail was getting my makeup done by my best friend’s sister who REALLY just did the same exact look that I wore on the day to day. I spent a few hundred dollars on a look that I could have done myself. If you’re not trying to have this same Prom 2023 fail as me and SAVE money along the way, then use these GRWM products that are cheap and fun to use.


Check out @kdawgs.vlogs GRWM on TikTok for some makeup and dress inspiration along the way!



 Model putting on makeup for Camille La Vie shoot

The Hydrating Camo Concealer from Amazon comes in an assortment of shades. It has even gone viral on Tik Tok because it can be worn all day long, does not clog your pores, and keeps you hydrated and smoothed with its rose flower water key ingredient.

It’s important to get a concealer that will last with you throughout the Summer and can be worn with an assortment of different dresses. That’s why this option is perfect because it is affordable and makes you glow! Don’t think the shade is the perfect fit? Try another shade with a great cost.

 Camille La Vie dresses 

Check out our Blue Dress Collection HERE for a Cool Spring/Summer Look. 

The Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder from Amazon will have your cheeks and smile looking radiant for all the pictures you take. Get this highlighting powder so you can sparkle as bright as any Sequin dress you try on. 

Looking for a Setting Powder that have you sweat-free and keep you looking flawless all summer long? Start your Prom off right with the Mini Translucent Loose Setting Powder from Sephora locks in your look without robbing your wallet; get it for under $30! Create a multi-dimensional experience with this light catching powder infused with Vitamin E, Murumuru Seed Butter, Shea Butter & Argan Oil. 

The Charlotte Tilbury Setting Spray from Sephora has a fresh floral scent perfect for any spring Prom and is vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. This award-winning spray finishes off your look flawlessly and provides a continuous glow throughout your night. 

To finish off YOUR signature GRWM Prom 2023 – Use this Retractable Rouge Gel Lip Liner. Apply the lashes of your dreams with the Looks So Natural Lash Shy Multipack set from Amazon that you can use for your 2023 Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Party this year as well! 

If you are searching for a dress that allows you to be yourself and keeps your toes on the dance floor, this makeup combination and our collection of dresses is the perfect fit for you!

Check out ALL of our Prom dresses here. 

Whether you are doing your makeup at home or getting it professionally done, make sure that you know which direction you want your makeup to go in so you don’t end up having a Prom No-no! Try something new at a fraction of the cost. Choose the look and dress that’s right for you.

Camille La Vie Blue Prom Dress

Remember to post your look and TAG us on Instagram with the hashtag #CLVGirl for a chance to be featured! 


homecoming homecoming 2023 homecoming dresses

How to Choose and Style a dress for Homecoming 2023

Your homecoming dress should be a time to celebrate the start of a new school year, so there should only be good vibes and high vibrations when choosing your outfit for the night. Camille La Vie is here to help you pick out the perfect dress with our go-to fashion strategy! 

Choosing your perfect homecoming dress

How do you want to show up to make your first impression on Homecoming night? A Homecoming dress that reflects who you are inside and out is important to show your classmates the confidence that radiates inside of you. Check out all of our Homecoming dresses here. 

It’s the season for Metallic dresses! 

Maybe it has something to do with Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, or maybe it’s just because metallic is sleek and edgy. 

Metallic dresses give off this sleek and hard look, but still is made to impress. If you are the type of girl who is hard on the outside, but soft on the inside, then this is the dress for you. Metallic dresses can majorly compliment a woman’s body in a way that no other dress can. Metallic dresses were first introduced in the 1930’s and were only available to the Hollywood elites. If you are looking to strut your style like a movie star, then a metallic dress is the fit for you. 

Check out our X Back Metallic Halter Fit and Flare Dress if you are looking for a little flare on the dance floor! 


Metallic Dresses


Dazzle in a Sequin Dress

Are you the type of gal that goes with the flow but also loves to show off her accomplishments? Then, a dress dazzled with Sequins is the perfect fit for you. Whether you are making a statement about your goals or looking to be sleek and shimmery on the dance floor, then a dress like this is perfect for you. 

Check out our Sequin collection and get some inspiration when our Homecoming 2023 arrivals come out! 

Glittery Homecoming Dresses in Style for 2023

If you’re looking to be show stopping and fearless when you open the doors to Homecoming, then a Glitter dress is the right fit for you. Whether you are outspoken or ambitious, these kinds of dresses will help you make you mark. 

Check out our Glitter Side Ruched Sweetheart Ruffle Dress that sparkles in the night sky! 

Floral dresses coming for Fall

Floral dresses do not necessarily mean gaudy. Floral dresses can just have the sleeves be covered in flowers or even have simple embroidery of flowers that compliments the cut and style of the dress. Even though it is Fall, flowers remind us of the beauty that comes with the changing of seasons. 

Check out our Embroidered Floral Sequin Mesh Fit and Flare Dress to elegantly grace the homecoming season. 

Floral Sequin Dress


Perfect your Homecoming Style

Looking to be a modern vintage queen at homecoming? Then these styles are perfect for you to play with. 

Off the Shoulder Dresses

If you are looking for a vintage 70’s look, search no further than the off the shoulder dress. This look was on the high tide in the mid 1800’s when the elite were the only ones able to wear them. The 70’s was where they hit mainstream fashion to compliment a woman’s curves. This is the type of dress looking to make a statement and has been seen on celebrities like Dua Lipa, Kate Hudson, and Bella Hadid. 

Feather Dresses

Wearing feathers is a tale as old as time. Whether that’s a dress that has feathers coming from the sleeves or from the ends of a dress, you’ll be soaring high with our fitted looks. Check out our hot Feather One Shoulder Sheath Crepe Dress for a flirty and feathery style! 

Spaghetti Straps 

Y2K is hitting the ground running with the comeback of Spaghetti straps. Ready to move your arms on the dance floor? Then this style of dress is for you. These kinds of dresses can be complimented with a large necklace with simple earrings or vice versa. Depending on your choice of material, these kinds of dresses mostly go great with a small clutch


Sparkle Clutch


When it gets chilly at night, you can also compliment this style of dress with a simple dress shawl. Check out our Chiffon Shawl that comes in an assortment of colors such as Navy, Emerald, Rose, and more! 

Long Sleeve Dresses

If you are located in a northern state and you’re not looking for an extra add on to a dress, then a long sleeve is just for you. Feel comfortable outside and indoors while still floating in style. Also, you won’t have to fuss about coat check! Here is the Long Sleeve V Neck Sequin Dress with Side Cascade from Camille La Vie, a style that is still hot for this year’s dance. 

Whatever style you choose, it is always important to remember to have fun and be yourself. Remember to take pictures and tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #CLVGIRL. 

Camille La Vie Girl


Saying YES to the Prom Dress: Fox News


 Saying yes to the prom dress

Prom night is an unforgettable milestone in a young girl's life, and your dress plays a pivotal role in making the night truly magical. The spotlight is on you, the dance floor awaits, and everything is just perfect as you twirl around in that dream dress that accentuates your beauty! That's why the Fox News coverage on "Say Yes to the Prom Dress" deserves a mention, as it showcases the trendy, glamorous, and show-stopping dresses that will let you shine on your big night. Get ready to find your inspirations, ladies, as we dive into the world of enchanting fabrics, mesmerizing designs, and spectacular embellishments!

 Camille La Vie fox news 2023

Fox News' "Say Yes to the Prom Dress" coverage serves as a wonderful inspiration when choosing your ideal prom dress. From emerging trends and vibrant colors to budget-friendly options and empowering messages, this coverage captivates and engages with valuable insights and ideas. As you embark on your amazing prom dress journey, let your inner star shine and radiate the beauty, confidence, and grace that make you uniquely YOU! Go ahead, stun the night away, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Shop our wide selection of dresses and accessories today! Prom dresses 2023

Xoxo~ Camille 


Beauty ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE Prom preparation prom tips

Prep for Prom: Six Steps to Glowing Skin

prom 2023 image, tips for glowing skin for prom


You might be wondering how you are going to get your skin to look perfect for prom. Don’t stress out! Getting your skin to look clean and glowing is actually a lot easier and cheaper than you think. Don’t go crazy trying to buy all of these products at top dollar to help cleanse your skin. By following these six simple steps you can have the glowing skin you've always dreamed of in no time! And with prom night getting close, you'll surely achieve those goals if you get started now. 1. Start with Steam. The steam from taking a hot shower can help open your pores so you can get all of the gunk out of your skin and let the good stuff in. 2. Drink up! Water is definitely your friend if you want beautiful glowing skin. Even just the slightest dehydration can cause your skin to look dull. Water can help give your skin a natural glow and helps eliminate the puffiness underneath your eyes. So make sure you drink lots of water weeks before prom so your skin is perfect for the big day. 3. Sleep, Sleep and more Sleep: Lack of sleep can be extremely detrimental for your skin. It can leave behind dark circles and bags, which is definitely not what you want on prom night. While you sleep, your skin is being restored and renewed from the day’s wear and tear. It can help improve the texture of you skin and give it that supple, gorgeous glow. Make sure you develop an appropriate sleeping schedule (at least 8 hours of sleep a night) before prom. 4. Green Tea: Drinking a cup of tea every night a couple of weeks before prom is a cheap and easy way to get glowing skin. The antioxidants in green tea help to flush out toxins and keep your body hydrated. 5. Don’t forget to exfoliate! Make sure you exfoliate once or twice a week for a couple of weeks before prom. Your body is shedding skin cells all the time so it is important to get rid of dead skin or else it will end up looking dull and dry. Use products like Clean & Clear Advantage 3-1 Exfoliating cleanser for your face and Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash to help give your skin a glowing look. 6. Give Your Skin Oxygen: Spend some time every day doing some exercises to help improve your skin. The increased oxygen supply to your blood stream during exercise helps improve your complexion and gives you an instant glow. So dish the thought of having to buy high-end, expensive skin products to get that glow. All it takes is some natural healing and detoxifying methods in a set routine and a couple trusty skincare items at a fraction of the cost of those luxury brands and you're good to go! .

Shoes platform sandals prom shoes

Our Prom 2023 Shoe Collection

heels, shoe styles 2023 prom
At Camille La Vie, our aim is not only to provide you with the perfect prom dress designed to dazzle you on the dance floor, but to also supply some fabulous footwear in the mix! And with a myriad of dress styles to choose from in our stores, finding the right shoe can be a bit of a task. What strappy sandal should you wear with that vibrant watercolor print high-low dress? Or what about a fierce animal print style combined with a metallic swirl design? Is it always necessary for the shoe color to match the boldest color of your dress? Like hot pink dress to go with hot pink shoes? Possibly not always the case. As a fashion tip, to keep things simple, it's essential to go with a neutral shoe that possesses just the right amount of shimmer and let's your beautiful dress do most of the talking. With our 2023 Camille La Vie Shoe Collection, you'll definitely achieve head-turning results at your Prom bash. Another added benefit to our footwear? They're perfect enough to be worn not only for Prom, but for virtually any cocktail party or night out with friends or that special someone. Characteristics to look for in a versatile shoe for your Prom include: 1. Hint of Rhinestones. You can find the perfect strappy sandal with the right dose of sparkle that won't overpower your overall look. Whether your sandal style is a timeless t-strap, ankle strap or slingback, find a pair that zeros in on some sparkle in one area of the shoe (perhaps the t-strap itself) and keeps the rest in a minimal hue. 2. Nudes, Metallics or Blacks. You simply cannot go wrong with these excellent color palettes. They work incredibly well with any dress color or pattern of your choice, and can even revamp a basic day look into something spectacular by night. 3. Platform Element. Finding a sandal with a platform sole will elongate your figure and can even add up to an additional 6 inches to your height, while ensuring that you still walk comfortably in your fabulous prom dress.
Prom Dress Style Guide ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE long prom dresses prom dresses under 250

PSA: Prom Dresses Under $250

Prom 2023  dresses under $250

Prom 2022 is HERE! And if we’re being honest, prom night comes with a ton of to-do’s. Arranging transportation. Figuring out hair and makeup. To after-party or no? Honestly, the whole process can be very overwhelming. Not to mention, planning the entire thing on a strict budget is tricky business. And for a night as special as prom (um hello, once-in-a-lifetime occasion!) there’s no need to let the stress get in the way of the fun, especially when it comes to what to wear.

Pink and white prom dresses under $250

So if the countdown to prom is moving a little faster than your liking, allow us to intervene-we’ve highlighted a bunch of gorgeous long prom dresses that are all under $250! Browse through and get a feel for your faves-the Camille La Vie collection offers a diverse range of shades, silhouettes, and styles, all at a value you’ll love.

blue prom dresses under $250 2023

Ready to feel like you’ve just stepped onto the red carpet? Strut your stuff in dazzling sequin and glitter prom dresses, or go for the more demure satin finish to feel like a royal. To add to the drama, opt for a style with a thigh-bearing leg slit-we dare you to feel anything less than utter sophistication.

emerald prom dresses 2023 under $250

Add accessories if you like, although with these show-stopping looks, you won’t need much. Shoulder-grazing earrings and a jeweled bangle bracelet are all you need to take these looks to the next level. And as for the price tag? That stays between us.

Get your lavish look for less; shop more prom dresses under $250 on!