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It’s That Time of the Year: Time to Prep for Prom!


Even though Prom 2024 seems far away, that time will sure go by in a blink of an eye! You should start planning now for your prom journey to score the most memorable night of your high school career. Camille La Vie has some tips for you to make sure your time at prom will go without a worry.

Tip 1: Be prepared to get asked to prom! Whether that is with friends or from a date.

Note: Going by yourself to prom is one of the most empowering things that you can do! Don’t be afraid to stand and dance in your confidence on your prom night and make memories with your classmates that, hey, you might never see again!

For me, being asked to prom was a nerve wrecking experience. I was waiting for months for one of my good guy friends to ask me to prom. The time to ask was coming to a close and even though we would constantly hang out with our friends, the elephant in the room wouldn’t stop making an appearance. On a bright May afternoon, he and I went on a hike on a trail in the Appalachian mountains. This is a hike that was familiar to my friends and I and we went to the top of the mountain and saw the city in the distance. We were feeling grateful as to how close we were to the city but also felt the joy of nature by our side. After the hike, we went back to my house and hung out in the greenery of my backyard. He said, “I’ll be right back” and came back with a sign that said, “I know we’re off trail… but you str(hiking)ly resemble my Prom date,”. His friends popped out from the fence behind my house and started cheering! Whatever your prom proposal looks like, all that matters is the meaning and good intention behind it.

Tip 2: Make your prom budget!

Whatever your prom night looks like according to your prom committee, make sure you are going along with a prom budget that fits your family’s needs. Whether you are looking to splurge on a prom dress or looking for dresses for under $100, this should be the starting point of your budget choices. Right after the prom dress comes the corsage. Is this something that your date is paying for, an item that you are splitting, or is this something that you are paying for yourself? Next, comes all the fun stuff! Decide whether you are doing your hair or make up yourself. Then, decide whether you want to get a spray tan, manicure and/or pedicure and what accessories are going to match your fit. Overall, being within your budget is a great way to relieve anxiety and have a relaxing prom night.

Tip 3: Decide on your prom dress!

Prom dresses make you feel like a princess for a celebratory night. You completed high school! What a large milestone. The perfect dress is crucial for your night to be fulfilled. Whether you are looking for a mermaid, trumpet, or A line prom dress, or whichever silhouette makes your heart skip a beat, looking at your options now is a good way to make your final decision in the future. Do appliqué dresses fit your taste or beaded prom dresses? Does your school go along with the American tradition of long prom dresses, or do you have your own unique flair and want to go with a short prom dress? Which ever you choose - browse your prom options with your favorite styles in mind. Whether you get inspiration from Pinterest, or you look to window shop at a nearby store, your authentic style is what matters most.

Enjoy Prom 2024!

Written by Julianna Jara 

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Prom Dress Style Guide ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE long prom dresses new prom dresses

Fashion Forecast: Prom 2024

prom 2023, prom dresses, prom long dress

Cookie baking! Gift exchanges! Shopping galore! With all the merrymaking going on this month, it’s tough to look beyond at-dare we say- last year. But the new year is fast approaching, and it’s almost time to talk prom. Call it the 80’s influence, but it’s about to get loud for Prom 2024. Think voluminous details, bold colors, and a whole lot of shine. Ready to dive into the new decade? Let’s begin…


light blue prom dress, pastel prom dress

Shop:  Floral Embroidered Ballgown

Pastels for spring? We know, we know, not exactly groundbreaking. But hear us out: the prettiest styles are in store for Spring 2024. Think plenty of airy, fairy-tale-like silhouettes in gorgeous muted hues.


metallic dress, prom dress, green dress

Shop: Metallic crinkle Grecian dress

Yes, metallic has found its place outside the holiday season…and for good reason! Gold, silver, gunmetal; looks like we just found our latest GILT-y pleasure. Test-drive the trend with a knit cutout prom dress with pretty rhinestone trim.

High Shine

sequin dress, sequin prom dress, long dress

Shop: Sequin Lace Up Dress

Calling all divas! Head to toe shine, whether it’s beading, sequins, or glitter-is ready to turn heads at #PROM24. Step into the spotlight in an open back sequin prom dress, like this stunning rose style. You glow, girl.


satin dress, prom dresses, long dress

Shop: Plunging Beaded Satin A line Dress

Satin’s sticking around for another season, and it’s easy to see why. This luxe, regal fabric gives off a subtle shine that’s perfect if you don’t want an over-the-top look. Give a nod to the trend by slipping into this royal blue satin prom dress bearing a chic leg slit and sheer corset bodice.

Shop more of 2024's hottest prom dresses in our new arrivals!



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 Camille La Vie and “The City Blonde” are back at it again with another showcase for evening dresses and prom dresses! Stephanie Danielle was able to feature our staple pieces that included red dresses, sequin dresses, and corset dresses that are perfect for any formal event! Stephanie Danielle was able to embody this by taking photos and videos at the elegant Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park, the extravagant Filoli Historic House & Garden, and even the Viansa Winery in Sonoma, California. These shoots have been able to encapsulate the true essence of what it feels to wear these evening dresses and prom dresses to formal events.

Camille La Vie dresses embody the essence of elegance and femineity, which will have you feel like you are floating with every step. Through this exciting collaboration, we have been able to illustrate the breathtaking looks that are exuded through Camille La Vie dresses. From lace up back dresses to mermaid dresses, this display of gorgeous media captures the true meaning of what it means to be modern and elegant for your special evening. Create lasting memories with Camille La Vie by ordering an elegant dress with us today.

Shop all evening dresses, including looks here, on!

Check out our YouTube video “New Elegant Dresses for YOUR Evening” to see the elegant movement for yourself.

Red Sequin Dress

Black Crepe Dress

Red Sequin Prom Dress 

Black Tiered Dress

Red Mermaid Dress

Green Sequin Dress

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Camille La Vie Florida Florida Camille La Vie Opening florida store

Camille La Vie Florida Store Opening

Florida, where Salt, Sand, and the Sea meet. Well, Camille La Vie is meeting you AGAIN at the shores as well! Due to COVID-19, we had to shut down our Florida locations. Now that low tide has hit COVID-19, we’re bringing the high tides and heat with a Camille La Vie Store at the Pembroke Lakes Mall in Pembroke Pines. Located next to Macy’s, we have lots of new dresses for you to try on and wear to your next formal event.


With school starting so soon and the heat that’s hitting Miami, there is no better time to get your short dress or homecoming dress for this season! Camille La Vie has sequin dresses, halter dresses, lace up dresses, and more variations to choose from. If you see something that you like online, come down to a Camille La Vie store to get your dress fix.  Pembroke Lakes Mall has an assortment of sit-down and fast restaurants for you to choose from including Buffalo Wild Wings and Cajun Crab. Spend the day out of the heat and choose a special dress for your next formal event while enjoying some grub along the way!

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bridal dress bridal dress for ball wedding wedding dress

From Weddings to Galas to Balls: Find Versatility in a Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are making their moment at galas and balls as of recent. The stereotypical idea of a wedding dress is that a woman should only wear this once in a lifetime dress on her wedding day. However, the tides are changing once again like they have done so in human history before. From celebrities like Dua Lipa in Vintage Chanel at the 2023 Met Gala or even Taisa Williams at the Debuntate Ball for the Strikers Club, wedding dresses are making their versatile rounds at formal events.

In past centuries, Eastern and Western brides did not wear white gowns. In places like China, brides wore a color that represented the season. By the seventeenth century, women wore green and the men wore red. Which led to more experimentation in fashion and influence on culture. Japanese Shinto brides wore white and different colored kimonos during the day. Korean brides were expected to follow fashion trends while also having their looks symbolize royalty. This made brides choose colors like white, blue, and gold. Based on these trends, the earliest indication of white from major countries of influence to be the bride’s gown was from English Princess Philippa. These cultural influences carried throughout European countries until the nineteenth century, until photography of the wealthy and rich began to make its commercial impact of the time. For more information on the history of Bridal dresses, check out JStor Daily.

To this day, we see that people continue to wear white to their weddings to honor their marriage of love and unity. However, the information era seems to be changing the tides of fashion and trends with what is “acceptable” to wear to weddings and other formal events. Rather, embracing the special wedding day to be your unique self and emit your individual taste no matter what it may look like. The same notion can be taken to galas and balls, where what you wear is a matter of personal taste and the unique style that you bring to the table. Dua Lipa brought out her Chanel vintage look at the 2023 Met Gala, which takes on the statement of the English Princess Philippa moment, while adding modern flair with her black thread and fringe hemline and pockets. 

Tasia Williams brought her own personal flair to the Debutante Ball for the Striker’s Club Inc. The Debutante Ball is a culmination of a year-long program that involves social etiquette, philanthropy, and fiscal responsibility. This Ball is dedicated for young women enrolled in college to make their formal entrance into society upon completion of the program. “Tasia’s goal was to make her debut into society as a refined young lady,” said Waconda Williams, mother of Tasia, “After a seemingly endless search for the perfect gown, Tasia’s participation in the Debuntate Ball was a success thanks to Camille La Vie”. It is memorable moments like these that make us proud to outfit women across the nation. Whether you wear a formal dress for a night out on the town or a wedding dress to a ball, those moments where you feel like your authentic self is what counts. Take our wedding dress collection for a spin and see the versatility that these dresses have held throughout time and the possibilities that they hold for you in the future.

Written by: Julianna Jara

Bridal Dress for Ball

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dress donation prom

Camille La Vie X Project G.L.A.M

Who doesn’t get excited when they hear the words makeup, accessories, and prom dresses?! Yet, there are many people who are unable to attend their own proms due to their personal circumstances. This year, Camille La Vie teamed up with Project G.L.A.M, hosted by WGirls Inc., to help mitigate this disparity by donating 158 dresses, 40 pairs of shoes, and 63 accessories to the cause!
“Project G.L.A.M was a great way to give back to the community in a heartfelt way. Camille La Vie is proud to be a part of a girl’s special moment on her Senior Prom night. Knowing that we were able to make a member of Project G.L.A.M’s face light up is an unforgettable experience,” Julianna Jara from Camille La Vie said.

Over the years, Project G.L.A.M (Granting Lasting Amazing Memories) has provided thousands of young women with prom dresses through their prom wear giveaway--the largest prom wear giveaway event in New York City. We were very excited about this partnership to help instill confidence and grant amazing memories for those who would not be able to attend prom without assistance. This year we were able to outfit over 700 young women. Talk about empowerment!

Founded in 2007, by a group of young professional women in New York City,  WGIRLS INC. was created to meet the needs of underserved women and children in the local community. Today through volunteerism & fundraising initiatives, WGIRLS INC. creates reverberating change in thousands of lives through its continued commitment to meet the needs of women and children in local communities throughout the country.

Creating an invaluable experience brings warmth to our hearts here at Camille La Vie. With every dress donated, we know we are making the experiences of those wearing our dresses a greater one.
One of the students from WGirls Inc. has even said, “Project G.L.A.M was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had.  In addition to picking out a dress, I had the chance to volunteer for setting up the event---which made me feel even more bonded to the community.”

In conjunction with the prom wear giveaway, WGIRLS are raising funds for their annual Project G.L.A.M. Scholarship Fund, which supports the future of young women and will provide two academic and merit based scholarships to two NYC high school females. To learn more and support the scholarship program, visit

Creating a community of elegant and exceptional moments is what Camille La Vie is here to do. Our prom dresses will make your heart flutter and your wings soar as you grow through transformational celebrations. To learn more about our community initiatives and events, subscribe to our email list to get the latest news.

Camille La Vie Dress Donation

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