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Petite Prom Dresses


Shop our beautiful collection of petite prom dresses and gowns! We know the struggle of finding the perfect dress that suits your unique body type. For example, finding prom dresses for short girls can be a tricky task. Our on-trend styles, colors, and materials are designed to make you feel special on a memorable night. Browse our petite prom dresses 2024 and gowns now!

Petite Prom Dress Colors

Shop our petite prom dress colors to choose the perfect shade for your big night! Our lovely collection offers plenty of options to let you shine in photos and in person. Some of the colors we offer include:

  • Black-for an edgy look
  • Blue-for a soothing vibe
  • Gold-for a pretty accent
  • Fuschia-for a unique appearance
  • Brown-for an earthy tone
  • Green-for a bold appearance
  • Ivory-for a soft look
  • Pink-for a girly girl
  • Orange-for a bright entrance
  • Purple-for a regal touch
  • Red-for a sizzling vibe
  • Silver-for a sleek look

Whether you are seeking a standout hue or something a bit more neutral, our selection has the perfect option for you. Choose a shade that complements your hair and skin tone or simply your favorite one. Browse our petite prom dress colors now!

Petite Prom Dress Styles

Check out our petite prom dress styles to discover the one you want to sport at prom! This selection contains plenty of trendy styles to give petite girls the best prom fashion experience possible. Some of the styles we offer include:

  • Petite plus size-for the curvy girl
  • Petite long –for the girl who needs more length
  • Petite short-for the girl who needs less length

Whether you are a petite gal in need of more or less length at the hem, or a plus size to flatter your curves with a plus size prom dress, our collection has something for you! Shop our petite prom dress styles and plus size prom dresses 2024 today to find all the options you need!

Petite Prom Dress Materials

Browse our petite prom dress materials to select the one that fits your fancy! Whether you are looking for something simple or dramatic, we have many options for your formal evening. Some of the types of materials we offer include:

  • Beaded-for a sparkling look
  • Chiffon-adds elegance
  • Crepe-for a feminine touch
  • Illusion-for a sexy vibe
  • Jersey-for a classic silhouette
  • Lace-adds a delicate touch
  • Mikado-adds flair
  • Sequined-for a glittering touch
  • Taffeta-fit for a queen
  • Two tone-for a unique look
  • Applique-for a polished appearance
  • Metallic-for sleek shine
  • Embroidered-adds an intricate touch

No matter your choosing, our materials are fit for a queen. Keep things simple or opt for something glam. We know you’ll look and feel like a princess on prom night. Shop our petite prom dress materials today!