High-Low Homecoming Dresses

Fusing the gracefulness of long with the sass of short, our Camille La Vie High-Low Homecoming Dress styles create a striking and unique look that has become, "oh so popular!"  Surprise your audience with these trendy details:  dazzling silhouettes with figure-flattering waists, seductive necklines, opulent fabrics, and sweep trains that command attention as you strut to the dance floor! Find your next homecoming dress below!


Check out our selection of high low homecoming dresses! This type of dress hem is perfect for highlighting your legs…or a killer pair of shoes! Not to mention, a shorter hemline in front gives legs some leeway to bust a move on the dance floor! Also great for the indecisive fashionista, a high low style provides the best of both worlds, as in not too short, but not quite a gown. Check out our collection of cutting-edge styles for your fun back to school dance.

High low homecoming dresses with sleeves add both comfort and drama to a night out look. If you love adorable detailing, browse our lace high low homecoming dresses offering a feminine, delicate finish. Depending on the type of look you wish to convey, color plays a role in homecoming fashion as well. Our assortment of red high low homecoming dresses can be both vibrant and romantic, while a black style is classic, yet edgy. Play around with color to see which works best for you. Shop our collection of dresses to get started!