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Fashion Events ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE prom charity event prom dresses The Glam of Giving

Camille La Vie Makes Prom Dreams Come True at The Glam of Giving

Camille La Vie x The Glam of Giving

Prom dresses for a good cause? That sums up The Glam of Giving, which took place at the Vince Lombardi Center of Hope in Newark, NJ on Friday, April 15. The event had one objective: helping underprivileged girls look and feel like a princess for their prom. Here at Camille La Vie, we strive to help every girl find "the one" - from prom dresses to wedding dresses and beyond. Memories from these special events last a lifetime, and the perfect dress only adds to the magic.

The Glam of Giving Event
Miss New Jersey USA

Camille La Vie gifted 30 of the 150 prom dresses at the event, contributing to the shoes and accessories donated by other New Jersey vendors as well. Dozens of excited teenage girls shopped the racks, with the company of Miss Newark and Miss New Jersey USA Alexandra Lakhman.

Miss Newark at The Glam of Giving

The girls come from modest-income families who simply can't afford to spend $300 or more on a prom dress. Fourteen-year-old Jaylene Santana, who was seeking a gown for her eighth grade prom, found her dream dress from Camille La Vie. "It's just so beautiful! It makes me feel like a Disney a better version of myself," she said, holding her pastel pink embroidered style.

Camille La Vie Prom Dress
The Glam of Giving Event

The right prom dress goes beyond a picture-perfect appearance; but rather empowering young women to feel beautiful in their own skin. Prom isn't just the average school dance; it's a night to dress to the nines, connect, and have fun with your classmates. To us, that's a feeling worth celebrating.

Read more about The Glam of Giving event here!



Prom Dress Style Guide plus size prom dresses

Picture-Perfect Plus Size Prom Dresses

Plus Size Prom Dresses by Camille La Vie Whether you’re long and lean, curvy and petite, or anywhere else on the spectrum of body types, we get it: shopping for a formal dress can be tricky. Add prom to the equation and it’s even more tempting to throw in the towel and stay home in your comfiest sweats (But really…don’t do this). After all, you want to look amazing for the biggest dance for the year, and honestly, a less than perfect dress fit just won’t cut it. Today, we’re specifically talking plus size prom dresses. From satin to chiffon, strapless to one shoulder, the Camille La Vie collection has plenty of options that effortlessly enhance curvy frames. As for silhouettes, mermaid and trumpet styles accentuate an apple or hourglass shape for a picture-perfect finish (we hope you like compliments!) Another fabulous option is an empire waist, which gathers higher on the midsection and provides a universally flattering fit. Considering your neckline will be in full view from dining to dancing, choosing a well-fit style is key (and also because….selfies) Go classic with a strapless or tank dress, or opt for a halter or one shoulder for a more unique way to highlight gorgeous shoulders. The cherry on top? Embellishments! Sequins, beading, rhinestones, applique…the options are plentiful. Keep your personal style in mind here; if you’re normally a simple jeans-and-tee gal, a glitter ballgown probably won’t be on your radar. However, a sleek column silhouette adorned with lace could be your fashion ticket. Always up for drama? Try head to toe sequins to mirror your more-is-more taste. Ready to find your perfect fit? Shop the plus size prom dress collection now! Xo, Camille
ballgown prom dresses Fashion Trends Formal Dress Styles Prom Dress Style Guide ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE long prom dresses prom dress ideas

Channel Your Inner Princess with a Ballgown Prom Dress

Ballgown Prom Dresses by Camille La Vie Unless you’re a lover of the limelight, a ballgown prom dress can be intimidating. Its grand, full skirt feels ideal for a fancy night out, but girls with a more minimalist fashion sense may be reluctant to try this lavish silhouette. But as they say in fashion and in life, you’ll never know unless you try! If you’re still in the running for finding that perfect prom dress and have debated on wearing a ballgown before, slip one on during your next round of prom shopping. Who knows; it could be love at first fit! Blue Ballgown Prom Dresses With its full skirt and figure-hugging bodice, a ball gown style works for all body types, especially if you’re tall, as the grand shape balances out a long frame. But petites, have no fear! Ballgowns are flattering for you too; just look for an A-line style with a skirt that’s not as full. The Camille La Vie collection offers a range of beautiful ballgown prom dresses that give off that “I just stepped out of a fairytale” vibe. Pink Ballgown Prom Dresses Ready for a happily ever after evening (and plenty of twirl-worthy Boomerangs?) Explore stunning styles in both shiny satin and ballerina-esque tulle, with a variety of gorgeous necklines like strapless, spaghetti strap, illusion, and more flattering cuts. And we know you’ll fall in love with the pretty embellishments; find luxe beading, chic applique, and rich embroidery, among other standout details. Whether you’re a limelight-loving princess or prefer to look chic on the sidelines, browse a variety of ballgown prom dresses that are made for an unforgettable evening. Shop these styles and more on! Xo, Camille
Formal Dress Styles long evening dresses prom dresses leg slit

Leg Slit Evening Dresses That Channel Your Inner Celebrity

Leg Slit Prom Dresses That Channel Your Inner Celebrity Side cutouts. A plunging neckline. An open back. There’s plenty of flirty ways to show skin when dressing to the nines, but there’s just something about a thigh-high leg slit that just exudes red carpet glamour. From Angelina’s famed Oscars dress to basically every Kendall gown, showing off your stems is basically a mainstay in the world of formal wear. Ready to strut your stuff this summer? We pulled 10 long prom dresses that are a cut above the rest (see what we did there?) Scroll below so you, too, can have your red carpet moment. Killer pair of heels optional. Leg Slit Prom Dresses Whether it’s spring, winter, summer, or fall, a leg slit dress universally suits any season, making any of these styles perfect for an upcoming RSVP…and again for a glitzy holiday party. Leg slits serve a dual purpose of posh and practical; a pop of leg makes maneuvering around the room (and dance floor!) a breeze due to its non-constricting silhouette. Prom Dresses Leg Slit A thigh-baring look is daring on its own, so scope out dresses with more modest necklines. Get set to stun in a mod halter neckline style, or go for a sequin v-neck for an extra dose of luxe. Want to be on-point with one of the hottest trends? Then a lace corset dress is your black tie go-to. Slip it on and the night is yours. Find more evening dresses with leg slits for weddings, formals, or wherever the invites take you on Xo, Camille
Beauty ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE Prom preparation prom tips

PREP FOR PROM: 10 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

10 beauty tips for prom

As a girl, getting ready for prom can be a complicated task. Guys have it easy: rent a tux, buy a corsage and have little prep work the day of prom. But for girls it is a different story. Getting the perfect prom look could take lots of time and preparation. There is finding your dream prom dress, shoes, makeup, and hairstyle to complete your head-to-toe look. With so many things to think about, prom can be a very overwhelming time. That is where this list is here to help. Here are 10 easy beauty tips to help get you ready for prom and have a great night! 1. Find the right moisturizer: Finding the right moisturizer for your exact skin type can do wonders to make your skin smooth and shiny. Imperialis from Lush Cosmetics is a perfect moisturizer that works for basically all skin types. All of their products are handmade and consist of all natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals are added to their products, making your skin look healthy and smooth. 2. Start whitening your teeth early. The perfect smile can make all the difference at prom. It is important to start whitening you teeth at least two weeks before prom to achieve those pearly whites. Products like Crest White Strips work great and are easy to use. 3. Freeze your makeup: Once you apply you foundation and makeup on your eyes and cheek, stick your face in the freezer for about 20 seconds. Now you might be thinking “why on earth would I put my face in the freezer?” Your makeup will essentially “freeze” to your face, making it last longer then usual. 4. Clean up your brows: Some might get their brows done the day of or before prom but this is a bad idea. Some girls might have sensitive skin and will get red marks that take sometime to go away. About one week before prom will give you enough time to get them done and look great for the big night. 5. Finding the best hairstyle: Months before prom, schedule a “practice” session with you hairstylist. It might happen that the hairstyle you picked doesn’t look exactly the way you thought it would. Getting a practice run will give you an idea how your hair will turn out, saving you from a potential mistake. 6. Getting the perfect tan: While most people book multiple tanning bed sessions before prom, this can eventually damage you skin. Spray tans are a healthier option to get that perfect glowing skin for prom. Take some time to find the right spray tan for your skin like St. Tropez Bronzing Mist. 7. Hydrate your hair: Dry and damaged hair not only doesn’t look good but it can cause problems when styling your hair. Use a leave-in conditioner like this multi-tasking hair mist from Ouai . This will leave you hair super soft and hydrated without weighing it down. 8. Highlight your eyes OR your mouth: One of the biggest mistakes you can make is putting on too much makeup. Have a nice clean look by highlighting either your eyes or lips. If you focus on lips try a bright color like red or pink from fan-favorite Kylie Cosmetics. If you want to make your eyes pop instead, go all out with liner, shadow and mascara. Maybelline makes a variety of cost-friendly products to help get the right look for your eyes. 9. Use a good deodorant: This is especially important if you are going to be dancing the night away at prom. A product like Dove Advanced Care Beauty doesn’t leave white marks and it will keep you smelling fresh all night long! 10. Pick the right shoes: Having the right shoes is an important part of preparing for prom. Not only do you want shoes that look good but also feel good. You are going to be walking around a lot and dancing so you want shoes that aren’t going to hurt your feet. Master these TEN TIPS and you'll be ready to party the night away at Prom...and feel absolutely fresh 'n fabulous from head to toe! XO, Camille La Vie

beaded prom dresses Prom Dress Style Guide ULTIMATE PROM GUIDE Roaring 20's prom dresses sequin prom dresses

The Jazz Age Called: Roaring 22's Prom Dresses

Roaring 20's Prom Theme

When you hear the phrase “The Roaring 20’s," what comes to mind? Most likely jazz music, flapper dresses, and The Great Gatsby. It’s crazy to think this era of opulence occurred 100 years ago, but now here we are, two years into the 2020's. Whether your prom theme this year is the Roaring 20’s or you’d simply love to honor the era, we rounded up a bunch of glamorous styles that totally would suit this lavish time period – with a modern twist, of course.

1920’s style is known for being extra. Heavy beading and sequins were prominent in fashion, especially in a pattern form. When shopping for your 2022 prom dress, look for high shine in form-fitting silhouettes and, if you wish, a skin-baring neckline. Try a plunge, v-neck, or square style to show off your décolletage; women’s fashion in this time period was a bit more daring. Neutral colors were a signature as well; stick to simple shades like blush, champagne, silver, gold, or black.

Want to take your look one step further? (Um, of course!) Go all out with a feather boa, chic feather headband or hairpiece, and pile on the pearls. For this prom look, there’s no holding back! Add a red lip and even pin your hair under to mimic the classic bob cut.

Find a partner and a Charleston tutorial; the 20’s are back, baby. Discover even more 1920’s-inspired prom dresses in our prom dress collection! Shop all prom dresses here!