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Black, White, & Chic All Over

Black White Chic Black and white. The two most basic colors there are, we know. WE GET IT. You're tired of the lack of color in your wardrobe, but what if we told you there's a whole other world of black and white that's yet to be explored! Well, it's totally true! And Camille La Vie is ready to give the traditional black and white styles a chic twist that will have you dying the timeless color-combo. Black and white may be seen as a simplistic duo, but use these two hues in any type of contrasting design like color-block or lace appliqué, and you’ll get a look that dares to break the rules.

The reason we tend to get bored with these two colors is because we get stuck in a styling rut from time to time! We're all human, sometimes we just get stuck; but when black and white are styled together, the stark contrasts between the two breathe a breath of fresh air into that blah closet and revamp it with intricate patterns and details that will leave you awestruck! So don't be afraid to rock black and white for Prom 2024, we promise you'll be anything BUT boring! xo, Camille