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What's Your Prom Style?

prom style Prom can be a really stressful time. You've got to think about your hair, your nails, your transportation, your date, your shoes, your accessories, and most importantly your DRESS! This is a lot to think about, we feel you! We've been where you are, swamped in homework but dying to figure out all of this prom stuff!

Have no fear, Camille is here with a little something to help make this all a bit more manageable! Your dress is obviously the most important part of your prom look, but often times we might put it in the back of our minds for reasons like: You're not sure when you're going to find time to shop between school and practices or maybe, it's because you're lost on what style dress you want. If it's the first, take a breather and woo-sa, because all of our dresses can be found online at! And if it's the second, we've got a solution for that too! Below we've pulled together a style list that will help you figure out what designs you think best fit your personal style! dramatic_skirts Dramatic Skirts: Center stage. Spotlight. All eyes on you. A dramatic silhouette is sure to get you noticed and if you're the type who likes being the center of attention, then a bold skirt is just the ticket! unembellishedUnembellished: For the girl who loves a simple look with a lot of style. If you feel like this describes you, then go sleek for Prom! Just because your dress isn't covered in sequins doesn't make it any less of a trend setter! prints Prints: Florals for the girly girl in you! If you like frills and anything dainty, we think a printed look could work great for you. There are so many fun and flirty florals out for Prom monochrome Monochrome: Similar to unembellished looks, monochrome makes a bold statement without the added sparkle. Hints of sequin or lace detailing give these looks their charm. Step in to Prom in monochrome if you've had enough of the glitter! Now that you've figured out which prom dress style best fits your individual style, be sure to shop our entire Prom collection for a look you won't regret! xo, Camille