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Here to Party: Short Prom Dresses

Short Prom DressWhen you think of the typical prom dress, what comes to mind? Likely a long, flowing gown, either simple or loaded up with embellishments, depending on your personal style, of course. But here’s a ‘lil secret: your prom dress doesn’t have to be the conventional long evening dress, especially if your school’s dress code is a bit more flexible. If semi-formal attire is permitted, why not switch up your style with ::gasp:: a short prom dress? Perfect if temperatures are warm where you live or you’re just looking for something unique, a short prom dress is also more freeing for the dance floor (as in, showing off your best Beyoncé moves). Plus, it solves the dilemma of a sad dress sitting in your closet after prom, since a short hemline is versatile for future events, like a wedding or even a holiday bash. Ready to shorten up? Here’s a few things to keep in mind if you are considering a short dress for prom:
  • Check with your school’s dress code! Then, check again. You definitely don’t want to fall for the perfect style only to discover it’s not appropriate for prom night.
  • Consider comfort, always. Prom can take place in the dead of winter, but even a spring date can have unpredictable weather. Don’t find yourself shivering in a chic shortie! Feeling good = looking good, so if temps look warm for your prom night, go for a short style!
  • Ok, so your school allows it and the temps are on your side (hooray!) Now it’s time to talk style. Seeking something fun and whimsical? Try a fit and flare skirt, which gives a bit more volume to your look (check out the style above). Prefer something form-fitting? Show off your curves in a body con style that’s slim throughout. Either way, you’ll kill it on the dance floor.
Ready, set, shop! Browse all short prom dresses here. Xo, Camille