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Take Your Pick for Prom 2024!

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As we enjoy the rest of this cozy holiday 2023 season, let's not forget what's fast approaching - PROM 2024! Although it may seem like eons away, we all know that once New Years hits, time speeds up and before you know it, the only fabulous convos worth chatting about is "what dress should I wear to Prom?", "what colors should I go for?","how should I wear my hair?", "should I go neutral or bold with my makeup palettes?"....your style and beauty list can go on and on.

And as we channel our inner fashion stylist, we all know what sets the tone of the moment, making your Prom shopping excursion much easier - it's all about THE DRESS first and foremost. And with the endless prom dresses out there to choose, one is awaiting its arrival to that is meant to make you feel like the true style star that you are! And to make your fashion hunt easier, we've rounded up a few beautiful dresses worth considering. These trend-setting styles can't wait to star in your IG stories and Tik Tok videos (and when that happens, be sure to tag us @camillelavie!) Anyway, let's get back on track. To start off, let's round up some trends: corsets, one shoulder necklines, plunge necklines, and ruching (that scrunched up fabric look on the bodice) are ALL OVER our collection this year! And let's not forget about the extras; sequins, lace, embroidery, appliqué, and glitter galore! Trust us; Prom '24 is about to be epic. Now who's ready?

The styles above are some of the latest arrivals in our Prom 2024 collection. Keep an eye out for NEW dress drops in the coming weeks! In the meantime, find these looks + more in Camille La Vie Prom 2024.

Happy Shopping, loves!

Xo, Camille