Fringe Cocktail Dresses

Trying to figure out what to wear to an elegant evening? Feel like you’re flying with fringe! A classic and feminine choice for your fancy night out. This Camille La Vie collection holds crystal fringe and beaded fringe dresses that will have you feeling fun and flirty on the dance floor. If you are attending an upbeat gala or friend’s birthday party, these short cocktail dresses are sure to leave a shimmer impression. From navy, ruby, and red garments, Camille La Vie has a sassy cocktail look for your night.


Feel frilly and fun with an elegant short dress from the fringe cocktail dress collection. This Camille La Vie collection holds short cocktail garments that have beaded, crystal, and side fringe to choose from. The colors in this collection include navy, ruby, and red pieces that give a wow factor with their intricate embellishments. Have your cocktail hour be truly exceptional with one of these ensembles today.