New Cocktail Dresses

Sleek silhouettes and dazzling embellishments that will make your night out truly memorable with every step you take on the dance floor! This trending cocktail dress collection holds satin, velvet, and glitter dresses that will catch a glimmer in anyone's eye. Bring elegance to the sophisticated cocktail hour with these new cocktail dresses made to elevate your fashion statement.


Shop new cocktail dresses by Camille La Vie now! It may seem like a cocktail dress is reserved for just that - a cocktail party. But depending on the detailing, a cocktail dress can actually be worn for a more formal occasion, like a black tie wedding. Cocktail dresses also are not limited to short dresses, but may include long evening dresses as well. The trick to making a formal cocktail dress work for a night out? It’s all in the detailing; amp up the glam by choosing a dress with dazzling embellishments, like pretty applique or beading. Check out the stylish cocktail party dresses below!

Cocktail Dresses 2024

Which trends to keep an eye out for this season? Ruffles, tiered skirts, and high-low dress silhouettes, to name a few finds from our collection. If you prefer something a bit more classic, there are plenty of formal cocktail dresses to go around bearing simple silhouettes in solid shades. Explore what works for you by shopping our sleek, sexy cocktail dresses today!