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New Year's Style Resolutions for 2024

Fit and Flare Party Dress“This year I want to join the gym, stop gossiping, and eat healthier once and for all”…sound familiar? Whether you crush your resolutions every year or struggle to get a jump start, the point is that you’re trying to change for the better…major props! But if you’re tired of the same ‘ol cliché goals, we’ve got a few below that involve none other than fashion. From pre-planning outfits to tossing the rules altogether, scroll below for 5 style resolutions that are sure to make a difference all year…no diet or gym in sight.

Color it In

Next year is the year of color! And we’re asking you to find that one shade that brings out your inner yaaas girl. Whether you are constantly complimented when you wear green or need to do your own guess and test, find a signature shade and don’t look back. Red, purple, orange…the rainbow has never looked so appealing.

Plan Ahead

TBH, picking out an outfit shouldn’t be so stressful. Make the “what do I wear” process seamless by choosing your outfits the night before. Whether you’re off to class or a wedding, having your look all mapped out from head to toe is clutch. All’s you have to do is dash out the door looking oh-so gorg.

Dress it Up

Speaking of planning outfits, what makes the process 10x easier? Investing in one-piece looks, like dresses, instead of separates. Minis, maxis, ball gowns…fashion is much more effortless when you’re not running around searching for a skirt to go with your new crop top. From weddings to prom, we’ve got your picture-perfect party dress right here.

Find Your Uniform

Maybe it’s the way red lipstick complements your brown hair or a mermaid dress makes your curves pop; if you find something that just works for your shape, confidence, etc, make it your go-to and don’t look back! Next time a formal event comes up (hint hint, prom) choose a dress in your signature silhouette, or swipe on red lipstick one day “just because.” After all, that's what fashion’s all about: feeling confident and having fun!

Break the Rules

When all else fails, make like the Rihannas and Zendayas of the world and just do you. Trends? They are and always have been optional. Forget about what’s “in” and wear ::gasp:: whatever the heck you want. You little rebel, you. Happy New Year, dolls!