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A Dress For Every Bridesmaid's Style

Camille La Vie Bridesmaids Getting engaged is exciting and emotional in itself; however, it's just the beginning of one of the most exciting and emotional times in your entire life... Now that you're engaged, that means it's time to start thinking about planning your very own wedding! You're bombarded with a million genius decoration, theme, and color story ideas. You can't wait to sit down and figure out how everything will look on the big day; doves will fly, celebrations will be had, and I do's will be said. There's just one but…will your favorite girls approve of the bridesmaid dresses you've so carefully chosen for them? Fortunately, if you shop with us for your best gals, we guarantee each and every one of them will be satisfied. How can we guarantee such a thing? Because we too have been careful in our designs and have made sure to make a dress that will fit every girl's body and style preferences. We have six different styles and a multitude of gorgeous colors you AND your bridesmaids will love! Strapless Shortie Our Strapless Shortie Bridesmaids Dress is great for a lot of reasons. It's our only short bridesmaids dress, which means it's the perfect choice perhaps for your maid of honor if you want to have the rest of the girls in long dresses, this way your maid of honor will be the first noticed! This length is also perfect for a more fun, laid-back style wedding. Or finally, this cut is also totally age appropriate for a Junior bridesmaid. Semi-Sweetheart Draped Bodice The Semi-Sweetheart Draped Bodice Bridesmaids Dress is ideal for your friends with larger chests. The straight across cut will give them the coverage they need for comfort and despite the coverage, the strapless neckline still allows for a sexy feel. Illusion Halter Bridesmaid Dress The Illusion Halter Bridesmaids Dress is perfect for the bridesmaid who wants to show a little skin, but not too much. The illusion fabric creates an alluring neckline and the halter effortlessly accentuates the shoulders and bust line in a classy way. Strapless Ribbon Bridesmaid DressThe Strapless Ribbon Bridesmaids Dress has more detail in the bodice than some of the other bridesmaids dresses. The vertical and horizontal ruching emphasizes the bust which is great for smaller chested women. The ribbon waist creates the illusion of a teeny waist, which let's face it, works for any woman! Strapless Sweetheart Bridesmaid DressThe dress that flatters nearly everyone is the Strapless Sweetheart Bridesmaids Dress! Sweetheart necklines are feminine and romantic making them a favorite of ours for any wedding! The criss cross ruching gives the otherwise simple bodice some elegant detail. Lace Illusion Bridesmaid Dress Our Lace Illusion Bridesmaids Dress is a timeless classic. Lace has and always will be one of the most romantic fabrics. If you feel as though your bridesmaids should exude a dainty, delicate vibe, then the Lace Illusion Bridesmaids Dress is the choice for you! Bridesmaid Dresses