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Beauty Essentials for Your Holiday Clutch

Holiday Clutch EssentialsPlaces to go and tons of people to see; the holidays are nothing short of crazy! The season of endless festivities calls for you to trade in your giant tote for a cute clutch. But less space = less items to carry. How to narrow down your essentials into a teeny-tiny handbag? Girl, we’ve got you covered. We made the list-don’t bother checking it twice-of holiday clutches and the must-have goodies to go inside. Scoop them all up-or just snag a few-and prepare to deck the halls in gorgeous style.

Victoria's Secret Crush Eau de Parfum Rollerball

Swipe on this fragrance and meet your crush under the mistletoe! The petite size makes it perfect for stashing in your clutch for a mid-bash reapplication, while the floral scent is fresh, flirty, and totally addicting. Perfect stocking stuffer, much?

NYX Butter Gloss

No matter how durable your lip product is, a refresh is a must after munching on holiday sweets and treats all night. Choose from 34 fun shades of this long-lasting conditioning gloss, which range from a moody Black Berry Pie to a poppy Peach Cobbler. Now that’s lip service.

Rose Gold Rhinestone Bobby Pins

We’re sure you’ve got more than a few of these lying around…but in case they mysteriously disappeared (like for real, where do they all go?) these rose gold rhinestone bobby pins are totes adorbs for tucking your hair back in a pinch. Not to mention they’re an awesome grab bag gift for a friend! Holiday Clutches by Camille La Vie

Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen

Real talk: sometimes bad stains happen to good peeps. Come in prepared with a Tide to Go Stain Remover pen, which can easily tuck into your clutch for any clumsy mishaps. (like when your sis bumps into you with her cranberry juice…sigh).

John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Hairspray

You’re in a hairstyle crunch, but your hair shouldn’t feel crunchy. That’s why we love this moisturizing mini hairspray by John Frieda, which users commented made their hair smooth and soft, even in the rain. Keep in your clutch to give your holiday ‘do a last-minute touch up.

Too Cool for School Blotting Papers

A cute product for an even cuter price? (We’re listening…) Reviewers raved about these best-selling blotting papers for their small size, affordable price, and adorable packaging. Need some mid-party primping? Pat on your face to freshen oily skin without ruining your makeup. Excuse us as we stock up for the season…

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape Tin

Never fall victim to a fashion emergency again! Let this fashion tape tin tag along to any holiday affair in case of fabric that just won’t stay put, like a plunging neckline or pesky straps. Simply peel back the double sided tape strip and apply on skin where needed. You: 1. Wardrobe malfunctions: 0. You’ve got your beauty essentials on lock, now find a holiday dress to complement your confident strut. Xo, Camille