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Chill Out with Our Summer Self Care Tips

Summer Self Care TipsAhh, summer. It may disguise itself as the season of self-care, what with all the vacays, mani pedi appointments, and leisurely lounges, but a calendar flooded with activities can also be…overwhelming. Therefore, it’s important to make self-care a priority, starting from the place you wake up…your bedroom! Add these easy tips to your routine for a stress-free summer, so you can get out the door feeling amazing…and with plenty of energy to boot.

Suncreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

We could go on and on about our fave beauty product for summer…or we could just narrow down the most critical: sunscreen! Protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays by slathering some on before you head out for the day. (Tip: leave it by your toothpaste so you don’t forget!) We love Neutrogena’s breakout-free lotion for the face, and Hawaiian Tropic’s exotic scent feels as if you’ve been instantly transported to the islands. Essential Oils with Flowers

Use essential oils

Whether you use a diffuser or dab a few drops on your wrists, essentials oils have been a hot topic for a while in the world of wellness. Turn your bedroom into a scent-filled sanctuary by incorporating these healing oils into your routine. Feeling frazzled? Lavender is known to reduce stress and aid with sleep, while peppermint boosts alertness and eucalyptus is great for allergies. Start your day with a few drops as you’re getting ready-or wind down with them at night. We’re feeling zen already.

Turn off the electronics

….at least an hour before bedtime, that is. The blue light from your cell phone can seriously mess with your sleep, signaling to your brain that it’s time to be awake, not wind down for your precious zzz’s. Keep your phone out of reach for the last hour of the day, and instead reach for a book or listen to some soft music. If you’re ready for a full-blown electronic detox, try avoiding your phone-or even just social media-for a full 24 hours. After all, why scroll through other people’s highlight reels when you can be living your own in real time? #enoughsaid.

Camille La Vie dressesUpdate your wardrobe

From light-as-air lace to wrinkle-proof scuba, the material of your summer styles matter as much as the appearance. Whether you’re headed to an outdoor wedding or your bestie’s graduation bash, there’s nothing simpler than slipping on a dress and calling it a day (or night!). The Camille La Vie collection offers plenty of summery, short dresses perfect for everything from parties to vacay. Looking for accessories to pair with your dress? Your style guide, right here. Xo, Camille