Camille La Vie and “The City Blonde” are back at it again with another showcase for evening dresses and prom dresses! Stephanie Danielle was able to feature our staple pieces that included red dresses, sequin dresses, and corset dresses that are perfect for any formal event! Stephanie Danielle was able to embody this by taking photos and videos at the elegant Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park, the extravagant Filoli Historic House & Garden, and even the Viansa Winery in Sonoma, California. These shoots have been able to encapsulate the true essence of what it feels to wear these evening dresses and prom dresses to formal events.

Camille La Vie dresses embody the essence of elegance and femineity, which will have you feel like you are floating with every step. Through this exciting collaboration, we have been able to illustrate the breathtaking looks that are exuded through Camille La Vie dresses. From lace up back dresses to mermaid dresses, this display of gorgeous media captures the true meaning of what it means to be modern and elegant for your special evening. Create lasting memories with Camille La Vie by ordering an elegant dress with us today.

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Red Sequin Dress

Black Crepe Dress

Red Sequin Prom Dress

Black Tiered Dress

Red Mermaid Dress

Green Sequin Dress