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French Fashion Words to Know for Prom 2024

Camille La Vie Prom DressesWe already know that the French are super stylish peeps, but did you know that certain fashion words we use are straight from their language? Words like boutique, tulle and ombré don’t even need transition, but if you’re looking to expand your vocab, we’ve got you covered. To get a small taste of our prom catalog, check out the French words to know, below, and feel free to whip them out whether you’re heading to Paris or en route to prom (or just looking to impress your French teacher!)

Très chic: “Very stylish”

Chances are you’ve heard this popular phrase before! Whether it’s at prom or on a random occasion, make someone’s day by telling them their style is très chic. They’re sure to love you forever and ever (we know we would!) Pronounce it: “Treh sheek”

Rouge: “Red”

Ooh la la! Our red prom dress collection is booming with this haute shade! Make a punchy statement by rocking this power color for the big dance, then impress your crew with your stellar French pronunciation of it. Pronounce it: “Roozh”

Déco: “decoration” or “embellishments”

Deck out with tons of déco! From beading and sequins to tulle and lace, a prom dress is nothing without show-stopping details! Be on the lookout for high shine and delicate extras (you won’t have to look hard –your eyes will draw right to these striking looks!) Pronounce it: “Deco”

Bleu: “Blue”

Soothing and ever-so chic; there’s a reason Cinderella wore this classic color to the ball! Whether you go for a soft tone or high shine, there’s a blue dress for everyone en bleu. Pronounce it: “Bloo”

Élégant: “Elegant”

No hidden meaning here! Just get your French accent ready; aside from the e’s, the only difference with this term is how you say it. Embody élégance on prom night with a dress that’s long, flowy, and ready for a slow dance or two. Warning: your evening’s about to take a turn for the classy. Pinkies up! Pronounce it: “Ilee-gan”

Éblouissant: “Dazzling”

This one’s a toughie, but it’s perfect for describing the déco prom dress of your dreams (see what we did there?) Casually drop the term while prom dress shopping with mom or your girls; you’re sure to get an interesting reaction. Scenario: Friend holds up a plain prom dress. You: “I’m actually looking for a style that’s more… éblouissant.” Pronounce it: “Eh-blu-ee-san

Luxueux brocade: “Luxurious brocade”

Okay, okay, so this phrase might be a little less ordinary, but nail the pronunciation and you’ll sound seriously French. What even is brocade? A fabric, with a slightly raised pattern that offers a super lavish finish (not to mention is a huge trend this year). Find an entire section of brocade dresses in our 2024 catalogue! Pronounce it: “Loox-ee-uh bro-cad”

J’adore: “I love” or “I adore”

How sweet! Say this to your bestie to let her know how much you appreciate her – or her style! Pronounce it: “Sjay-door”

Robe: “Dress”

You know we couldn’t leave this one out! Just don’t pronounce it like the garment you wear over your pj’s. Pronounce it: “Rhub” Xo, Camille