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High Low Dresses for Fall Weddings and Beyond

High Low DressesLife can toss tons of decisions at you. Chocolate or vanilla? Demi or Selena? Commute to college or dorm? Fashion, too, comes with endless choices, and for the indecisive ladies, it can get a little frustrating, especially on occasions where you need to dress up. Let’s say you’re invited to a wedding. Should you wear a short or long dress? Maybe it’s too chilly for a short cocktail dress, or you’re worried that a long evening dress comes off as too extra. Oh, the possibilities. What’s appropriate to wear, yet still stands out? High Low DressEnter: the high-low dress! A shorter hem in the front and longer in the back, this trendy dress style is made for the indecisive fashionista-and lucky for you, our collection has plenty of options if you decide to go the high-low route. Depending on the length, a high-low is perfect for highlighting your legs-or a killer pair of heels! It’s also great for a fall wedding where you’re unsure of the dress code or the weather is shifty; think of a high-low as fashion’s way of meeting in the middle. Red High Low DressesAnother reason to choose this unique dress style? (As if you needed more!) It makes maneuvering around the venue that much easier, as the shorter front gives legs a little leeway; no tripping on the hem here! So go ahead and bust out your best dance floor moves while feeling fancy all the while. Whether you prefer the popular moody florals, edgy black detailing, or a metallic look made for a queen, put your best foot forward with any of these elegant wedding guest dresses. Shop high-low styles from our collection…we dare you not to feel like superwoman as the hem sweeps behind you with each passing step. Xo, Camille