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How To Accessorize Your Prom Dress

Prom night is a special occasion, finding the perfect dress is just the beginning.  The right accessories can transform your looking making you stand out and shine.  The key is to find the perfect prom pieces that complement your look while showcasing your dress’s unique features.




Jewelry accentuates your prom dress and adds sparkle to your overall look.  Start by considering your neckline and silhouette.  For example, if your neckline is plunging, v neck, strapless, or off the shoulder, consider a statement necklace that complements the style.  For dresses with high, turtleneck, cleo, jewel necklines or embellished dresses; opt for elegant earrings, studs, hoops, Keeping sleeve lengths to a minimum, short, cap, or sleeveless; bracelets are simple additions to your prom look.  Choose a style that complements your necklace or earrings. 

Tip:  Keep the number of accessories to a minimum to avoid overpowering your look. 


Handbag (Clutch or Purse)

Don’t forget to bring a bag.  With very few necessities to carry:  phone, lipstick, ID, cash, a clutch may be easier to manage than a larger bag, or a small purse with a strap could also be convenient.

Consider a style that will complement your prom dress as well as your other accessories.  A metallic clutch in a shade that matches or contrasts with your dress for a sophisticated and polished look.  A beaded or embellished purse may be the perfect choice to add texture and sparkle without overwhelming your look.  

Tip: If you are struggling to find a color or texture option that complements your prom dress, consider metallics in gold, silver, or neutrals.




Your shoe selection can significantly influence your prom night experience.  Choose a style that complements your dress in terms of color, style, and comfort.  If you are wearing a floor length gown, consider a pair of elegant heels or stylish flats for comfort and support.  If you are wearing a short dress to prom, opt for heels, chunky, pumps, or platforms, that will show off your legs.  Ultimately, consider the silhouette and length of your dress, the event’s formality, and choose shoes that best complement your overall prom look.  In the right shoes; you’ll feel confident, comfortable, and ready to dance the night away.

Tip:  If concerned about prom night comfort for a floor length gown, consider block heels.  This shoe style is available in many styles and easier to walk, dance, and mingle.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to look stunning on your very special night and make memories to last a lifetime.  With Camille La Vie’s tips and suggestions, you can confidently choose the perfect prom pieces to complement your dress, showcase your style, and ensure an unforgettable prom experience. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to enhance your look.  Start shopping now!


Written by:  MNFontinha