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How To Get Your Dream Prom Date!

DREAM PROM DATE How to make your dream prom date a reality in just 5 easy steps…sounds kind of impossible right? Well, we're here to tell you it's not. It's actually quite easy, you'll just need a dash of confidence and this trusty list of expert tips! As girls where do we get most of our love advice from? That's right, movies and music! We relate to the things these fictional characters go through because they were written by someone real like us. Someone who's struggled with heartbreak and been in love before. Which is why our first expert tip comes straight from the cult classic movie Clueless. In the movie, the main character Cher, played by Alicia Silverstone, is dying for her dream guy to notice her; and how she went about it is what brings us to our first tip!

1. You always want what you can't have, it's just like a law in life or something. So, how do we then make this tricky law work in our favor? We make ourselves LOOK like the one he can't have! Shower yourself with gifts like flowers and chocolate to get him thinking you're taken by someone else! He'll want you because you're someone else's and getting you to notice him will be a challenge…or at least that's what we want him thinking! Next think about your allure. Your look, your aura, your vibe. You want to send out good vibes, so brighten the halls and give him a smile when he walks by. You can also send out an attractive aura with the right scent.

2. Invest in a new perfume. Buy a scent that stands out, maybe one none of the other girls he knows wears. Try something that makes a statement! After all scent is said to be the number one attraction factor. Now let's think about HIM! Oh you already were, weren't you? Well now let's move on from just the idea of him to actually getting to know the real him!

3. Talk to his friends, get to know them. By getting to know his friends you'll be able to get a small glimpse into how and who he spends his time with, which will make it easier for you to make conversation with him. Don't totally judge him off of his friends though, because you may not like all of them, but that doesn't mean you won't like him! We'll talk more about this in tip 5!

4. Alright girls, it's time for more detective work, some cyber stalking if you will. If you aren't already friends with him on social media, get on that! And once you are friends, pay attention to what he posts and show some love! Like or favorite some things he seems to post a lot about and maybe even share some of his posts. He'll see your name and he'll also see you're interested in what he's posting and both of these things will get him thinking about you!

5. And finally, the most important step of them all, TALK TO HIM! Steps 1 through 4 were all prep work for this very moment. You so got this. You know his friends, you know some of his likes and dislikes, you've got him thinking he can't have you, now all you've gotta do is make it a reality and start conversation! And like we said in step 3, this will be the time you can form a real opinion about him because you'll be interacting with him personally. Don't be nervous, he's going to love you! Just stick to the tips for when you get stuck and we guarantee he'll be yours for Prom 2024! xo, Camille