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How To Make the Most of Your Alterations

Dress shopping is always a fun part of planning out an event! However, there are so many aspects that come with it. You want your dress to fit you in all the right places and extenuate the best parts of your figure. Making sure your dress fits you perfectly will enhance your confidence by so much. Making the right alterations to your dream dress will make a dress the perfect length to your height and hug your beautiful curves. Camille La Vie wants to guide you with making sure your dress has its own personal style and enhances your beauty the way you would like!

  1. To start this whole process off is knowing what exactly you would like to get altered. It is an important part of getting alterations done. You want to be able to communicate this with your seamstress. Discuss your preferences and what bothers you about the dress. Of course, drastic changes cannot be made, but adjustments, hemming, change in embellishments, and more can make a difference in your look.
  2. The second step is making sure you get measured correctly. Being as precise as possible is the key to a well-fitted dress. A skilled seamstress should guarantee correct measurements of your chest, waist, and hips. Avoid wanting the measurements to be smaller or bigger than what they truly are because mismeasurements will reflect on the final piece of the dress. These measurements are the foundation to making sure the final masterpiece of your dress meets all your princess expectations. The sizing of the dress will allow all the best parts of you to be seen in the best way.
  3. The next step would be considering proportions which is important. Everyone has different heights and lengths of certain body parts. You may be short but have a long torso or very tall but have a shorter wingspan. It is extremely important to confirm that every part of the dress is adjusted to complement your height. No one’s proportions are ever the same.
  4. Finally, try the dress on after the alterations are made. Do not just take the dress and go because it can be a long process to getting your dress to be perfect. Make sure all the changes meet your expectations and fit you in the best way. This is your dress after all, make sure you feel comfortable and confident while walking, twirling, or sitting. Communication will always be key to these types of jobs.

These alterations can make you feel very different whether it is a small or large difference. Allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and feel assured that you love the way you look on your special night. It is you that will be making the memories in this dress. After all these wonderful alterations are made and you get your dream look, you can add accessories to the look. There are many different styles of jewelry, handbags, and shoes to enhance your special look.