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Mother of the Bride Dresses from the Camille La Vie Collection

Mother of the Bride DressMother of the bride dresses can be tricky to shop for. After all, aside from your daughter, the mother is a VIP on wedding day. You want to look refined and sophisticated, but not so overdone that you resemble a Real Housewife. And then there’s dress code to consider. Beachside nuptials may not solicit the same attire as a black tie soiree. And what about color? While you may love the idea of matching the mother of the groom or bridesmaids, the bride may think otherwise. You don’t want guests to confuse you with your daughter’s future MIL…or worse, a bridesmaid (although…how flattering!) So many elements to consider! So where to shop for a variety of options? Allow us to introduce you to our mother of the bride collection… Brimming with both trends and classics, our sophisticated selection offers styles for any type of formal wedding reception. Gone are the days of too-matronly mother of the bride styles; this day and age is all about flaunting your figure for a classy, statement-making finish. The basis of our breathtaking styles is streamlined silhouettes that hug curves in all the right places. A photogenic finish is yours in the form of flattering necklines, glitzy embellishments, and hints of trendy touches, like ruffles and illusion. Mother of the Bride DressesWhile not the day to show too much skin, there’s nothing wrong with highlighting your favorite features. A one shoulder dress makes the neck appear long and graceful, while a pretty belted middle draws in the waist for a gorgeous silhouette. Keep the lines of communication open with your daughter in case she prefers a certain style. But most importantly-choose a dress that feels like you. After all, you want to appear polished and put-together as you greet guests, reminisce, and lovingly look on to your daughter’s happily ever after. Shop our full mother of the bride dress collection now! Xo, Camille