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Our Must-Know Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

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TBH, getting dressed during the morning rush is no easy task, and if your closet has some overflow, it’s basically mission impossible. Hangers wedged between hangers, mountains of shoes on the floor, an impressive pile of purses on the shelf…sound familiar? No one needs that kind of clutter, so make like T-Swift and embrace some blank space, girlie! Since September will be here before you know it (sorry, we had to go there) all things autumn will start to creep up come August, including fall fashion! Greet the coming season by showing your space some TLC with our helpful closet cleanout tips. In the name of organization…let’s get started.

Schedule a Time

Just as you set aside special time to go prom dress shopping, you must also find some hours to reorganize your closet! Make an appointment with yourself and stick to it no matter what-whether its first thing in the morning or during a weekend when not much else is going on-then dive right in.

Divide and Conquer

Make 3 piles: To keep, to donate, and to go. How to decide which items go where? Make the decision quick-chances are, deep down, you know what you will and won’t wear. Any destroyed pieces (i.e holes, stains, loose threads, etc.) should go in the garbage, while still-wearable ones that either shrunk, are too big, or are no longer your taste should be donated. Quick rule of thumb: if it hasn’t been worn in a year, it’s time to retire it. Hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave.

Have a Plan

For the donation pile, that is. Planning where your old stuff is going, whether it’s a specific charity, younger sibling, or someplace else, is super helpful. Getting rid of stuff can be easy or emotional, and if it’s the latter, knowing it’s going to a greater cause or a loved one make letting go a whole lot easier.

Make it Pretty

Hooray! The cleanup (aka the boring part) is done! Now to organize. Revisit your morning routine: what would make getting dressed for school easier? Separating styles by trend? Clothing type? Color coordination? Figure out what’s best for you and organize accordingly. Not much room to work with? We can’t all be blessed with a walk-in closet. Set up shelves to use vertical space, hang knobs for purses and scarves, and stow anything that’s out of season in a bin under your bed. The more items you can see, the smoother getting ready will be. #goals. Out with the old, in with the new! Fill your fresh space with our chic dresses for weddings, homecoming, life. It’s the circle of style. Xo, Camille