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The Jazz Age Called: Roaring 20's Prom Dresses

Roaring 20's Prom Theme

When you hear the phrase “The Roaring 20’s," what comes to mind? Most likely jazz music, flapper dresses, and The Great Gatsby. It’s crazy to think this era of opulence occurred 100 years ago, but now here we are, four years into the 2020's. Whether your prom theme this year is the Roaring 20’s or you’d simply love to honor the era, we rounded up a bunch of glamorous styles that totally would suit this lavish time period – with a modern twist, of course.

1920’s style is known for being extra. Heavy beading and sequins were prominent in fashion, especially in a pattern form. When shopping for your 2024 prom dress, look for high shine in form-fitting silhouettes and, if you wish, a skin-baring neckline. Try a plunge, v-neck, or square style to show off your décolletage; women’s fashion in this time period was a bit more daring. Neutral colors were a signature as well; stick to simple shades like blush, champagne, silver, gold, or black.

Want to take your look one step further? (Um, of course!) Go all out with a feather boa, chic feather headband or hairpiece, and pile on the pearls. For this prom look, there’s no holding back! Add a red lip and even pin your hair under to mimic the classic bob cut.

Find a partner and a Charleston tutorial; the 20’s are back, baby. Discover even more 1920’s-inspired prom dresses in our prom dress collection! Shop all prom dresses here!