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The Ultimate Guide to Prep for Prom '24

Ultimate Prom Guide It may be months before you slip on that corsage and tear up the dance floor like Beyonce, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about Prom ’24! What with all the important decision-making that comes with formal, where does a girl begin? Right here, right now dolls. Read on for must-have tips to get the ball rolling for the glam night. Let the prep begin!

The Prom Dress

You bet we’re starting with the dress! Rather than go from store to store in a total fog, start thinking now about the colors, cuts, and silhouettes you love. Have you been told that blue brings out your eyes? Or that green looks ah-mazing with your skin tone? Do you love to show off your legs, back, shoulders, etc? Take these Q’s into consideration when selecting your prom dress! And if you live for being a trendsetter, our spring lineup contains tons of hot trends that hit the status whoa. Not to mention our surprise collab with a hot boy band that we can’t wait to reveal! Browse to begin the journey towards your dream dress!

The Prom Makeup

Similar to the dress, makeup is all about personal style. Are you a romantic? Consider gold hues or a red or pink lip for a princess-worthy finish. More on the edgy side? A cat-eye is purr-fect for you! Still stumped? When all else fails, remember your daily makeup routine. Looking like your most gorgeous self at prom is the goal, so don’t assume you need to load up on the makeup if you sport a more natural look on the reg.

The Prom Hair

Oh the possibilities with hair! Once you have a dress lined up, the question mark on your hairstyle will likely get easier. Long cascading curls or half up-dos look fab with strapless styles, while high-neck looks like racer fronts and Cleo collars pair great with full up-dos. Or, toss the unwritten rules and just do you. Whether you choose a simple or elaborate hairstyle, looking like yourself is key.

The Prom Skin

Who doesn’t want glowing skin? Keep your complexion selfie-ready for prom and beyond by following a special skincare regimen. Visit your dermatologist ASAP to take care of any flare-ups or to talk skin strategy in the weeks and months leading up to formal. On a side note, resist the urge to pick at blemishes and remember to always wash makeup off before bed.

The Prom Bod

Get your figure in tip-top shape before prom by keeping up with a fitness routine you love! Whether you are obsessed with the calming effects of yoga, like to pound it out on the treadmill, or get your daily sweat on at volleyball practice, staying consistent with a healthy exercise regimen is critical for looking and feeling your best. Check your local gym for student discounts or find an awesome workout online. And who knows? You might love it so much to do it all year long. Follow these tips to look polished and pretty for prom night! Xo, Camille