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Top Prom Look of the Week

fb_1_32914-prom-dresses-camille-la-vieThere's just something quite special about purple this season. And if you've been following us on Facebook (well, you should because you're SO missing out if you're not), you'll see that PURPLE hues are all the rage right now. And why not?

Between the bold and exotic pop of color combined with necessary bodice sparkles, it's a captivating choice with a power-packed statement. And this past weekend, all eyes were on this NEW ARRIVAL. Not gonna lie...when this hit our racks for the very first time, we were pretty amazed ourselves. And the little has hints of the MUST-HAVE ILLUSION that we undoubtedly love. SHOP OUR NEWEST PROM LOOKS HERE! And if you haven't scooped up your prom dress yet, we advise scheduling your shopping sessions at Camille La Vie ASAP. Our stylists are waiting for you!