Beauty Valentine's Day plans

Valentine's Day Ideas Whether You're Single or Coupled Up

Valentine's Day PlansCue the groans (or the cheers); it’s Valentine’s Day! Whatever your stance on the holiday, it’s a day to honor love, and that alone is worth celebrating. While the day historically seems to honor couples, more recently it evolved to friends (hellooo Galentine’s Day!) parents, and even pets. No plans yet? Scroll below for our celebration ideas whether you’re single, coupled up, or seeking a night with your girlfriends. Not a candlelit dinner in sight!

With Your Bae

Go for a hike. Whether it’s a popular trail that’s a short drive away or local park around the corner, spending time in nature is a scientific mood-booster. Make a day of it with your other half by packing a picnic lunch, exploring new trails, and enjoying fab views. Because it's outdoors, we recommend saving this activity for a weekend afternoon versus Valentine's night. Plus...did we mention its free?

Order in. Stray from the typical pricy dinner out and opt instead for a chill night in! From pizza to tacos to Chinese food; the menu options are limitless. Then cue up a movie you’ve both been dying to see as you veg out on the couch. Romance at its finest.

Skip right to the sweets. Rather than shell out big bucks for a fancy-schmancy feast, have a normal dinner at home and go out for dessert instead. Whether it’s a cool fondue place, crepes, or waffles and ice cream, the saying “save room for dessert” has never rang more true.

With Your Girls

Bake something yummy together. Cookies, cake, donuts, you name it! Better yet, each choose something and make it a friendly competition, having a neutral third party, like a sibling, be the judge. Regardless of who wins, you’ll all have plenty of goodies to share!

Go bowling. Even if you’re horrible. Even if you haven’t bowled since your tenth birthday party. At the end of the day, it’ll make for a fun story with lots of laughs (and gutterballs!).

Have a rom-com movie marathon. Complete with popcorn and make-your-own-sundaes! Have each of your besties pick their fave flick, then get together slumber party-style with pjs, pizza, and face masks. No boys allowed!

With Yourself

Take your dog for a nice long walk. Though you’re not technically by yourself, is there anything more chill than spending time with your fave furry friend? Make it a point to be mindful during your walk; avoid peeking at your phone and let your pooch spend some extra minutes sniffing around that tree before you tug him away. No dog? Offer to walk someone else’s; perhaps a neighbor’s or your bestie’s.

Buy yourself something pretty. Flower and chocolate? Sure. That cute clutch you’ve forever had your eye on? Even better. Treat yo’ self to a little gift, because, why not? Now’s your chance.

Have a spa night. Candles, soft music, and all! What better day for some tender loving care than Valentine’s Day? Take a bubble bath, paint your nails, cue up your fave show on Netflix, whatever relaxing ritual means self-care to you! Because sometimes, your own company is the best company. Still love a classic dinner out? We’ve got outfit options for days on…or depending on your plans, check out a few of our fave short cocktail dresses. Happy Valentine’s Day! Xo, Camille