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Walk Into Any Room and Own It: Our Top 4 Confidence Tips

Girl with BalloonsYou’ve got the invite, the dress, and allllll the hair and makeup inspo, which means the only thing left to do is show up to Homecoming (yay!) But there’s a fine line between just showing up and making an entrance. In case you can’t tell the difference, the latter is what you’re aiming for. Whether you’re strutting into the homecoming dance or the first day of class, making an entrance is about getting noticed for all the right reasons. But maybe you’re the new gal, or maybe it’s your first school dance (or both?) Check out our easy tips below on how to walk into a room and totally own it. You’ll want to keep these handy…for homecoming and beyond.

Listen to Your Fave Music Before

Okay, okay this is technically before you get there, but it totally works. Crank up a playlist you love as you get ready; it’ll boost your confidence and put you in a fab mood before the night even begins. You’ll be carrying the feel-good vibes with you as you strut into homecoming.

Wear A Dress You Absolutely Love

As in, this is not the day to wear anything too short, tight, or uncomfortable, no matter how trendy it is. You want to be able to move in your style and feel ah-mazing from the inside out. Discover a style that wows in our homecoming collection.

Walk in With a Friend

No date, no worries. Walking in with one or a few of your faves puts you in a fun state of mind before you even get there… and is sure to put you at ease. And if you’re coming alone? Try to spot a familiar face as soon as you walk in, whether it’s an old pal or that friendly girl from your French class. Your big entrance will be instantly less intimidating.


The best marker of having a great time is looking like you’re having a great time! Plus, the simple act of smiling is proven to make you feel happier. And who knows? You may catch the eye of that cutie you’ve been crushin’ on. Say cheese! Xo, Camille