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What to Wear to a Black Tie Wedding

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When it comes to different dress codes, black tie is likely the one you’ve heard again and again. Maybe it was for last year’s prom night, maybe your cousin’s upcoming wedding. You know it calls for fancy attire in an evening setting, but what exactly makes a dress fall into black tie territory? What type of style should you look for while shopping?

With the most popular wedding season now in full swing (hello, fall!) coupled with the cooling temperatures, a long evening dress is typically the default for a black tie event this time of year. Landed an invite with this common dress code? Lucky you; follow our tips below to shop for your style stress-free.

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Does a black tie dress have to be long?

Nope! A fancy cocktail dress with lots of lace, beading, and other embellishments is fine, but like we said, a long evening dress can be more comfortable in fall and winter. Shop some of our black tie dress picks here, or find more in our long evening dress collection.

What about the dress silhouette?

Everything from ballgowns to simple column styles work, but no need to go super grand for a wedding invite (you definitely don’t want to out-do the bride!) Form-fitting shapes like trumpet, mermaid, and column are appropriate and also highlight your frame.

a selection of long dresses

How about dress color?

For a black tie wedding, always respect the bride and avoid white, ivory, and other similar light tones. A rule of thumb: if you even think it’s too light, it probably is; but no worries, there’s plenty of other chic shades to choose from! For fall and winter, stick to neutrals like black, navy, or gold, or have fun with rich tones like emerald, wine, or gunmetal. And of course, black is always a classic option as well.

Let’s talk embellishments

Go all out with head to toe sequins, glitter detailing, heavy beading, and luxe textures like satin, Mikado, and brocade. Whether you prefer to keep it simple or unleash your inner glamazon, there’s a dress for you. Now get shopping!