Which Homecoming Dress to Wear Based on Your Zodiac Element

a short brown shimmering dress

Zodiac signs? Been there, done that. Whether you’re fluent in horoscopes or are just curious what the stars have in store for you, it’s always fun to delve a little deeper. So all signs aside, do you know your zodiac element? The zodiac elements-earth, fire, air, and water-each have 3 signs attached to them, which we’ve listed below. And in honor of HOCO, we thought it’d be fun to choose your homecoming dress based on your element. Find out which style is written in the stars for you below!


a short blue dress with flaired hem

Water gals, you tend to literally “go with the flow,” not to mention are super sincere. Like the ocean, you can be deep and intense, meaning you have no problem keeping secrets! Therefore, we love this “deep” plunging navy homecoming dress for ladies with this star sign!


a short white dress with black trim

Earthlings, you’re as grounded as they come. You obvi have a great taste in fashion, but tend to keep things practical rather than obsessing over the latest trends. So of course we chose this adorable satin homecoming dress for earth signs; the black and white contrast is simple, yet oh-so chic.


a short red dress

Stop, drop, and roll; because this homecoming dress is sizzlin’! Perfect for fire signs, the deep red hue and sparkling bodice complement your passionate persona. Slip it on for #HOCO and prepare to lead the way to the dance floor.


a short brown shimmering dress

Air signs can easily adapt to different situations and are known for their unpredictable nature; therefore, we can’t think of a better homecoming style than the glitter dress! This haute Fall trend is far from predictable, plus it totally resembles a starry night sky, perfect for honoring your air sign.

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