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5 Types of Pictures You Need to Take on Prom Night

5 Pictures You Need To Take at Prom For the months and months of rigorous prep, the four-something hours of prom night will absolutely fly. And like any event with lots of buildup, the pressure to have an awesome time is real. Aside from the obvious staying off social media and savoring each moment, how to keep track of a night that’s such a whirlwind? Taking lots of photos is already an unwritten rule, but why not have a bit more fun with it? No matter where prom takes you, be sure these 5 types of pictures are on your camera roll. Instagram uploads optional.

1. Cute Prom Date Picture

Whether you strut in with a date or your girl gang, be sure to take a fun-loving photo with your fellow arrivees. Rather than the typical stiff photo in front of the mantelpiece (though that’s always a classic!), make it something a little less generic; an all-smiles hug or group shot on the dance floor is epic evidence of a night well spent.

2. Getting Glammed Up

Sure, you’ll have tons of pictures when you’re done up and dressed to the nines, but why not commemorate the preparation process with some cool #bts hair and makeup photos? Whether it’s a snapshot at the salon or one mom takes as you brush on some mascara, give your future self some extra memories of the once-in-a-lifetime evening. And when you flip through your album years down the road, the warm fuzzy feels of prom will wash over you once again. Prom Pictures

3. Candid with Your Besties

With all the planning and primping, it’s easy to overlook what prom is all about-having a blast with your tried-and-trues! Whether you’re seated elegantly at your table or bumpin’ to the hottest tunes, capture memorable moments with your favorite peeps. Better yet, score some sweet candids by passing the camera to someone else for awhile.

4. Prom Dress Bodice Selfie

Smile and say “sparkle!” Whether the top half of your prom dress is beautifully bedazzled or has a unique cutout design, give it some selfie love with an up close and personal shot. Chances are no other images from the evening will give its detailed beauty justice, so scope out some good lighting and give your photography skills a whirl. Find the perfect bodice by browsing our collection of dreamy prom dresses.

5. A Gorgeous Background Shot

You found out the venue is drop dead gorg; lucky you! Whether it’s a chandelier-lined ballroom, overlooks a stunning city skyline, or sits on the grounds of gorgeous gardens, start snapping away girlie! It’s not every day you get to attend such a spectacular event, so set the scene for friend-filled photos with a gorgeous backdrop-you won’t regret it. As the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Get ready to start snapping at prom! Xo, Camile