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Prom Do or Don't? Let's Discuss!

Do's and Don'ts for Prom 2017 On prom night there’s very few (if any) specific guidelines. It’s mostly common knowledge that comes into play; find a date, dress, mode of transportation, and you’re set. But there’s always extra tips and tidbits to help make the process as smooth as possible. Keep reading for our own unwritten rules to having the best prom night ever.

DO: Test prom hair and makeup early.

Ever arrive at the hair salon for a trim and leave with a pixie cut? Well imagine your dream prom hairstyle gone totally wrong-only in this case, there are tons of pictures to prove it! (Hint: don’t be this person) Whether you plan to visit a stylist for hair and makeup or do your own, give both a test run at least a month before to ensure that the Kendall Jenner cat-eye you love looks somewhat like the photo. And always keep your look authentic; if you’re normally a simple hair and makeup gal, a dramatic up-do and smoky eye could make you nearly unrecognizable-and unless it’s Halloween, who wants that?

DON’T: Wait for a prom date.

Rather than dropping oh-so-subtle hints to your crush, take initiative and ask yourself! Regardless of the answer, you’ll get a huge confidence boost and won’t have to wait around and wonder. Nervous just thinking about a promposal? Even simply asking about upcoming prom plans could be enough for your crush to get the picture. And prom dates are obviously not limited to a significant other; arrange to go with a best friend, group of pals, or even stag and you are sure to have just as much (if not more!) fun.

DO: Pick a prom dress you’re comfortable wearing.

Need we say more? Listen, we love a strapless dress as much as the next girl, but hiking it up all evening as you try to bust a move to Justin Bieber? Not cute. Be sure your prom dress is properly fitted and really question if you’d be comfortable rocking it all day and night. And steer clear of anything too tight or revealing; after all, it is a school event and you want to look ah-mazing without fear of wardrobe malfunctions.

DON’T: Spend the whole night sitting at your table.

Unless you’re chowing down on dinner or dessert, get up and mingle! Whether its hamming it up in the photo booth, slaying the dance floor, or simply chatting with different classmates, there’s plenty more to prom than sitting pretty with the place cards.

DO: Put down your phone!

You’ve surely heard the phrase “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Well life also happens when you are glued to your iPhone all night! It’s tempting to document every selfie on Instagram and live-stream the dance floor on Facebook, but keep the phone in your clutch and savor these moments in real life. Repeat after us: prom only lasts a few hours, but there will be endless time for uploading after the night’s over. Now get out there and make some memories! Xo, Camille