A Dress Neckline Guide for Online Bridal Shopping

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Online shopping has never been easier. Yet, giving yourself a crash course on how to plan your wedding might take some time. We are here to support your learning curve with some basic Q&A and online bridal suggestions that fit your budget.

What are the different types of necklines on a bridal gown?

Camille La Vie has the answers for you!

What does a sweetheart neckline look like?

The sweetheart neckline has a plunging V-line shape with round curvatures going across the chest. In other words, it looks like the top of a heart giving it its “sweetheart” nomenclature.

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What does a square neckline look like?

This neckline accentuates your collarbones while modestly showing off your shoulders. Even though this neckline is fairly simple, it allows you to get creative with your look and pops other assets of your gown.

What does a high neckline look like?

If you are looking to humble your honey, then the high neckline look is the right fit for you! The high neckline look touches just at the bottom of the throat and fits the embellishment and fabric of the rest of the neckline. It gives off a longer neckline look and accentuates your décolletage and torso.

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What does a plunging neckline look like?

A plunging neckline gives drama to the classic V-neck. This pronounced V-neck shows off your neckline and torso while complimenting the curves of your décolletage. To give yourself some support, wear either illusion mesh or fashion tape to complete the look.

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What does a portrait neckline look like?

A portrait neckline accentuates the curves of your shoulders, collarbones, and neck. This kind of neckline is what you want for support combined with the comfort of straps while highlighting their neckline and facial features. If you are looking for a vintage flair, a portrait neckline is the style for you.

What does a V-neckline look like?

This bridal neckline has the shape of the letter V. This neckline dips in the front and offers a bold and sexy look for your special night. Your shoulders will be comfortable and secure, and the pattern accentuates your torso all night. The V-neck is a popular look and a go-to since the early twentieth century! Talk about a classic!

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