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Camille La Vie X Project G.L.A.M

Who doesn’t get excited when they hear the words makeup, accessories, and prom dresses?! Yet, there are many people who are unable to attend their own proms due to their personal circumstances. This year, Camille La Vie teamed up with Project G.L.A.M, hosted by WGirls Inc., to help mitigate this disparity by donating 158 dresses, 40 pairs of shoes, and 63 accessories to the cause!
“Project G.L.A.M was a great way to give back to the community in a heartfelt way. Camille La Vie is proud to be a part of a girl’s special moment on her Senior Prom night. Knowing that we were able to make a member of Project G.L.A.M’s face light up is an unforgettable experience,” Camille La Vie said.

Over the years, Project G.L.A.M (Granting Lasting Amazing Memories) has provided thousands of young women with prom dresses through their prom wear giveaway--the largest prom wear giveaway event in New York City. We were very excited about this partnership to help instill confidence and grant amazing memories for those who would not be able to attend prom without assistance. This year we were able to outfit over 700 young women. Talk about empowerment!

Founded in 2007, by a group of young professional women in New York City, WGIRLS INC. was created to meet the needs of underserved women and children in the local community. Today through volunteerism & fundraising initiatives, WGIRLS INC. creates reverberating change in thousands of lives through its continued commitment to meet the needs of women and children in local communities throughout the country.

Creating an invaluable experience brings warmth to our hearts here at Camille La Vie. With every dress donated, we know we are making the experiences of those wearing our dresses a greater one.
One of the students from WGirls Inc. has even said, “Project G.L.A.M was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had. In addition to picking out a dress, I had the chance to volunteer for setting up the event---which made me feel even more bonded to the community.”

In conjunction with the prom wear giveaway, WGIRLS are raising funds for their annual Project G.L.A.M. Scholarship Fund, which supports the future of young women and will provide two academic and merit based scholarships to two NYC high school females. To learn more and support the scholarship program, visit https://www.classy.org/campaign/wgirls-nyc-scholarship-fund-2023/c473493

Creating a community of elegant and exceptional moments is what Camille La Vie is here to do. Our prom dresses will make your heart flutter and your wings soar as you grow through transformational celebrations. To learn more about our community initiatives and events, subscribe to our email list to get the latest news.

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