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From Weddings to Galas to Balls: Find Versatility in a Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are making their moment at galas and balls as of recent. The stereotypical idea of a wedding dress is that a woman should only wear this once in a lifetime dress on her wedding day. However, the tides are changing once again like they have done so in human history before. From celebrities like Dua Lipa in Vintage Chanel at the 2023 Met Gala or even Taisa Williams at the Debuntate Ball for the Strikers Club, wedding dresses are making their versatile rounds at formal events.

In past centuries, Eastern and Western brides did not wear white gowns. In places like China, brides wore a color that represented the season. By the seventeenth century, women wore green and the men wore red. Which led to more experimentation in fashion and influence on culture. Japanese Shinto brides wore white and different colored kimonos during the day. Korean brides were expected to follow fashion trends while also having their looks symbolize royalty. This made brides choose colors like white, blue, and gold. Based on these trends, the earliest indication of white from major countries of influence to be the bride’s gown was from English Princess Philippa. These cultural influences carried throughout European countries until the nineteenth century, until photography of the wealthy and rich began to make its commercial impact of the time. For more information on the history of Bridal dresses, check out JStor Daily.

To this day, we see that people continue to wear white to their weddings to honor their marriage of love and unity. However, the information era seems to be changing the tides of fashion and trends with what is “acceptable” to wear to weddings and other formal events. Rather, embracing the special wedding day to be your unique self and emit your individual taste no matter what it may look like. The same notion can be taken to galas and balls, where what you wear is a matter of personal taste and the unique style that you bring to the table. Dua Lipa brought out her Chanel vintage look at the 2023 Met Gala, which takes on the statement of the English Princess Philippa moment, while adding modern flair with her black thread and fringe hemline and pockets.

Tasia Williams brought her own personal flair to the Debutante Ball for the Striker’s Club Inc. The Debutante Ball is a culmination of a year-long program that involves social etiquette, philanthropy, and fiscal responsibility. This Ball is dedicated for young women enrolled in college to make their formal entrance into society upon completion of the program. “Tasia’s goal was to make her debut into society as a refined young lady,” said Waconda Williams, mother of Tasia, “After a seemingly endless search for the perfect gown, Tasia’s participation in the Debuntate Ball was a success thanks to Camille La Vie”. It is memorable moments like these that make us proud to outfit women across the nation. Whether you wear a formal dress for a night out on the town or a wedding dress to a ball, those moments where you feel like your authentic self is what counts. Take our wedding dress collection for a spin and see the versatility that these dresses have held throughout time and the possibilities that they hold for you in the future.

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