Bachelorette Party Planning!

What comes before the big day? The bachelorette party that buttons up the whole bride’s journey of course! Whether you’re assigned to being the maid of honor, or you’re just an awesome friend who wants to help, make this celebration unforgettable by planning accordingly. Tailor the party to what the bride would envision for her night out on the town or for a comfortable, yet fun night in with her friends. Dive into a world of planning and creativity with these ideas that will help ensure that the bachelorette party is a top-notch success!

Theming is everything! 🥳

Choose a theme to add a fun aesthetic to your party! Some options to choose from include: a Spa Day, Vintage Tea Party, Wine and Dine, Beach Luau, Decades Party, and even Around the World! Bring food, drinks, and décor to match these themes and have everyone try a little bit of everything. Aim for an event that adds diversity to the evening and leaves a night full of laughs.

Adventure Awaits ⛰︎

If your bride is a lover of all things worldly, then choosing a destination bachelorette is the right choice. If you’re feeling extra grand, book a flight to a dream destination for the group! Whether you are making a getaway to the Alps in a cozy cabin or choosing Costa Rica and zip lining through the jungle, making memories with your friends is the most important at the end of the day. Make the most of your time by booking a vacation that is right for your crew!

Scavenger Hunt and Games 🃏

Keeping the energy high throughout the celebratory event is essential to keep everyone happy onboard the bridal crew! Some bachelorette games include truth or dare, bachelorette bingo, Mr. and Mrs. quiz, Guess the Lingerie, “Drink If…”, Wedding Mad Libs, and Bridal Trivia! Keep in mind the personality and desires of the bride throughout the night, including what games she is comfortable with playing

The planning of a bachelorette party is the hardest part. Everyone needs a place to sleep and eat! Once you have your destination in mind and the games you want to play, next comes the hotel, food, and transportation. When planning my Spain trip with my family, I used Canva for the most digestible read. For my family, I made it easy to use, fun to read, and enticing to explore Spain! I included a hotel, food, and transportation section and added the associated links along the way. That way you can email the itinerary to the group with two simple clicks!

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