Thanksgiving Dress Code: What to Wear for Friendsgiving and Formal Celebrations

It’s that time of the year to be feeling grateful and thankful for all that you have and all that’s coming to you this year and into the next. Another thing you’re probably grateful for? Your amazing sense of fashion! Wearing the proper attire is a bit challenging when it comes to gatherings with family or friends. That’s why a dress code is always nice to follow to make sure your fashion style is on point! Whether you are attending a Friendsgiving or more formal family event, Camille La Vie has the tips for your specific occasion.


For Friendsgiving, you may want to show off your unique and elegant flair for pictures and videos the night of the event. You do not want to be too over the top, since this is only just a group of friends. Yet, you do want to stand out on your feed! Choosing a midi or short dress may be a great choice for these kinds of nights. Also, make sure to layer as the days get colder and this allows you to make adjustment to your outfit throughout the evening. We suggest looking into shawls or bolero jackets for your night! To finish off the looks wear flats or low-rise heels that will eventually just come right off as you get cozy but will make the perfect entrance. Now it’s time to get the turkey and the dancing on with the friends you care about most!

Formal Gatherings:

Dinner parties, elegant soirées, and eventful galas take up a lot of November’s time. With the holiday season upon us, it is a great time to start looking towards holiday dresses for these special events! Whichever thanksgiving dress that you choose, considering a midi or long garment to cover your legs during the cold season may be essential. November never fails to deem not windy! Also, consider a long jacket for these kinds of nights or even a long sleeve style to keep yourself cozy. Complete your look with a mid or high heel – but don’t be afraid to bring along some flats for when you need to relax. Raise those glasses and cheers the room to grace and gratitude!

Holiday Dresses

Depending on the celebration, a Thanksgiving dress code is good to follow so you can stand out in all the right ways. Be yourself and dress in confidence while being mindful of the gathering or event’s aesthetic. Whatever your decision may be, embrace being in the present with your friends and/or family and feel the happiness embody your style and smile. Shop the Camille La Vie collection today to find the right dress for your next Thanksgiving event.